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When teens are first learning to drive, they are highly receptive to important messages about the dangers of unsafe driving and driving while intoxicated. That is why it is so important for parents to get involved at this initial stage – to ensure proper and thorough education to help set ground rules and instill good driving habits, as their teen takes on the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle.

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When Safety Matters, Proper Education is Crucial

Driving is one of the major milestones of a young person’s life. For parents, however, it is one of the scariest. Car accidents are the number one cause of death in teenagers. In 2009, 5,148 drivers, or 11% of car crash victims, were 15-20 years old according to the NHTSA.

Why DriverEdToGo...
Studies show that young people are very receptive to online learning, as reported by a recent CBS News study that found the online student population is growing by an amazing 30% per year! Traditional driving schools have attempted to convince parents that online driver education does not work. This is not true. Please read about the Common Myths about online driver education.

  • Myth #1:
    Online driver education courses are not as effective as classroom-based courses. Get the Fact >

    Myth #1:
    Myth: Online driver education courses are not as effective as classroom-based courses.

    Fact: Numerous studies show that online learning is just as effective, if not more so, than traditional instructor-led classes. In fact, the California DMV published a report in 2003 that compared the effectiveness of home-study driver education courses and classroom instruction. They found no added benefit for attending a classroom versus taking a driver education course online. The use of engaging and interactive content in our courses, such as video games, drills, quizzes, and instructional videos, helps to reinforce key lesson topics and is what sets DriverEdToGo apart from both our online and classroom competitors.

  • Myth #2:
    If teens have questions while taking an online course, nobody is there to help. Get the Fact >

    Myth #2:
    Myth: If teens have a question while taking an online course, nobody is there to help them.

    Fact: Students can get assistance through our online chat or by calling our 1-800 number 7 days a week. For each state where we offer an approved course, we also have a licensed driver education instructor on-call for any questions that students may have about driving laws or any of our online course content.

  • Myth #3:
    Kids don't have to pay attention during an online course. Get the Fact >

    Myth #3:
    Myth: Kids don't have to pay attention during an online course.

    Fact: Designed by driving safety experts and e-Learning specialists with over 20 years of experience, our driver education courses are the finest and most comprehensive on the market. Each of our courses has been thoroughly tested by state agencies to make sure they cover every single topic that is important and necessary to the driving task. Safeguards such as lesson quizzes and a final examination at the end of the course ensure that students pay attention during the course.

  • Myth #4:
    You pay less for an online course because it's not as good as a live course. Get the Fact >

    Myth #4:
    Myth: The reason you pay less for an online course is because it's not as good as the real thing.

    Fact: The old adage that the more you pay the better the product is simply false. The fact is, DriverEdToGo enrolls so many students that we can afford to offer our courses at much lower prices than our online competitors and far less than classroom providers. Our course is fully DMV-approved, just like a classroom course, so there is no need pay up to 5 times more money for the same certificate of completion from another company.

Our Course Offers Students:

  • State-approved courses
    (you can find links to our approvals for each state by Clicking Here).
  • 2.5 units of credit towards graduation from high school upon successful completion of our course.
  • Courses that have been researched and written by driver safety experts and licensed teachers.
  • An engaging course that utilizes state of the art features to keep students interested, such as audio read-along, streaming videos, interactive drills, driving simulations.
  • Special alcohol supplement to teach your teens the dangers of drinking while driving—written and created by D.A.R.E. America
  • Unbeatable insurance rates offered to your teen upon completion of the course due to our partnerships with insurance agencies and our group purchasing power.
  • Our courses are so effective that we are the official driver education provider for D.A.R.E. America and many high schools across the United States.

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Insurance Discounts
As a parent, you may already know how expensive it is to insure a new driver. However, if your teen completes a DriverEdToGo course, he or she will automatically qualify for INCREDIBLE DISCOUNTS through our group purchase of insurance for our customers through various insurance companies.
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Teen Driving Contract
Finally, it's important for parents to talk to their teens about the responsibilities of driving and set out rules. That is why we've created a free, downloadable Teen Driving Contract which outlines some of the important rules that both parents and teens should keep in mind before embarking together on this exciting chapter of their life!
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Prep Wizard

DMV Practice Exams

Our award-winning proprietary software is designed to prepare students for the DMV written exam by administering simulated DMV tests & focusing on areas where the student needs improvement.


DriverEdToGo DVD

This all-inclusive DVD teaches students the fundamentals of safe driving, vehicle maintenance, the dangers of drugs & alcohol & more.

Audio Read Along

Audio Read-Along

Our read-along feature is an audio narration track that reads the course aloud as the student follows along with the text.