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Las Vegas DMV

Course: Online Drivers Ed and Drivers License Classes.
Purpose: State approved online driver education, online learners permit and online drivers license classes.
Description: Our online drivers ed courses can be taken from any computer with internet access. If you need your learners permit or drivers license, DriverEdToGo.com is the perfect driver education course for you!
Certificate: Once you complete our internet drivers training course, we will send the certificate of completion directly to you.

Las Vegas DMV

So you live in the Las Vegas area and you're looking to get your first Nevada driver's license?  In that case, you're probably already aware that that the Las Vegas DMV requires that you complete an approved drivers education program to help you develop the skills necessary to become a safe and smart driver.  You may feel that the Las Vegas DMV is just trying to make it a headache for you to obtain your license, and chances are your parents have been nagging you to enroll in a Nevada driver education school so you can get a discount on your Nevada auto insurance.   

Well, you know what?  Driver education doesn't have to be a drag at all!  We know the idea of sitting in a stuffy Nevada classroom on a weekend listening to some teacher drone on about traffic signs, Nevada motor vehicle laws and regulations set forth by the Las Vegas DMV, and safe driving techniques is enough to wear anybody down.  But here's the good news:  We offer driver education online, meaning you can fulfill your Las Vegas DMV driver education requirements at your own pace on a computer from the comfort of your home!  Instead of sitting in a classroom absorbing a lecture (which you most likely do for five days a week as it is), our online course includes interactive videos, a few jokes here and there, colorful animations.  Your Las Vegas DMV drivers ed requirements will be met before you know it!  There's a reason our online driver training course is one of the most popular drivers education in Nevada.  There's no need to let driver's education be a hassle for you.  Sign up with us today and see how fun drivers education can be!

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