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The dreaded California CA Driving Test. What could be worse? A CA Driving Test instructor sitting in the passenger's seat just ready to take off points each time you forget to put on your blinker or double-check your rear-view mirror. For many, the California CA Driving Test is a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be. Why not take a driver education course in California and gain the confidence you need to tackle the CA Driving Test once and for all? Affordable, convenient, and fast, our driver education course is made for you. We know what it's like to be a novice driver. Because we all had to take our CA Driving Test too. In our interactive course, you'll learn the ins and outs of driving, everything from yielding to right-of-way, parallel parking, speed limits, school buses--you name it. We cover it all, so that when you finally go into your California DMV to take your CA Driving Test, you'll have the confidence to succeed. Trust us. We've been there too. With the right driver education course, the California CA Driving Test will be a piece of cake!
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  • Azad M.
    Brilliant! Everything I needed in a quick and accessible format. Not too long, not too restrictive, and very very educational! Thanks a million!
  • Samantha P
    Your course is already very well done and I found the experience enjoyable with the games, gifs and visual aids you have provided. Thank You.
  • Andy H.
    The course was easy to navigate and had a lot of information to get me started on driving. Good system of quizzes, exams, and information.
  • Lydia L.
    Thanks! I learned a lot more than I did on my own. The videos and simulations made it extremely helpful and much more entertaining.