Young drivers made safer through Street Survival program

In an April 5th article from Jerry Strope at the The News-Sentinel, a revolutionary new driver education program called “Street Survival” is discussed. The program is aimed at reducing teen driver deaths in auto crashes. According to some sobering statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenage drivers. Teen drivers ages 16-19 are four times as likely to die in a automobile crashes than adult drivers. Knowledge and skill on the road are, as the writer Mr. Strope points out, learned over time. Even after taking an approved online drivers ed course, most teens just don’t have the road experience needed to avoid catastrophic accidents on US roads. Unfortunately, many teenagers tend to have a sense of invincibility that makes it difficult to impress upon them the importance of a quality driver education class that that includes safe driver training exercises when getting their learners permit or drivers license.

“Street Survival: is a program developed and taught by experienced adult drivers like Mr. Strope who want to help teen drivers become smarter and safer drivers. The program is designed to help young people ages 16-21 learn to control vehicle acceleration, develop turning and braking skills. Through the use of a closed driving course, adult volunteers ride in their cars with young drivers, and help the drivers better understand vehicle limitations in both normal road conditions and emergency situations.

Parents support the “Street survival” program, and in combination with a quality approved online drivers ed course, say it leaves their children with important skills that make them better and more confident drivers. Parents can enroll their young driver in the program at