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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I apply for my learners permit in Vermont?
You can apply for your Vermont learners permit and enroll in a Vermont driver education course when you turn 15 years old.
Who is allowed to take online drivers education?
Everyone can take online drivers education, and anyone can sign up for Driver Ed To Go Vermont online driver education courses.  However, you should contact the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles ("DMV") to see if online driver education can satisfy Vermont drivers license requirements.
What paperwork do I need to bring with me to the DMV?
The Vermont DMV will require you to bring two forms of identification, both original or certified copies, as well as a signed parental or guardian approval form.
What if I don't pass the Vermont learners permit test?
Vermont learner permit exams are 20 questions and you will need to answer 16 correctly to pass.  By completing Driver Ed To Go's online driver education course, you can be confident you will pass the first time with ease.  If you don't pass your learners permit exam, just review the Vermont Driver's Manual and try again the next day until you pass.
Does your course meet DMV requirements?
Without specific Vermont DMV approval, Driver Ed To Go is primarily an educational tool designed to supplement your Vermont driver education.
How many questions are on the Driver Ed To Go final exam?
The Driver Ed To Go Vermont online driver ed course ends with a 35-question final exam, designed to prepare you for your learners permit and drivers license exams.  You will need an 80% to pass, but can retake the exam right away if you don't pass, and can do so until you score an 80%.
How long until I receive my Vermont driver ed certificate of completion?
Driver Ed To Go will ship your certificate of completion for our Vermont online driver education course as soon as you finish you final exam.  While delivery commonly takes 3-5 business days, you can choose for an additional price to expedite your certificate's delivery overnight, 2nd day or 3rd day with FedEx.
When can I start driving on my Vermont learners permit?
You can begin driving immediately when you get your learners permit.  However, the Vermont DMV mandates that you are accompanied by a licensed vermont driver of at least 25 years of age in your passenger seat, at all time.
How long until I can get my Vermont drivers license?
If you already have your Vermont learners permit, you can get a Vermont junior operator's license after you have held your permit for six months, completed a driver education course, and satisfied the Vermont DMV's supervised driving requirements.
Do I need to attend a driving school?

If you are 16 or 17, you must pass a driver education course that includes 30 classroom hours, 6 hours driving with a licensed Vermont driving instructor and 6 more hours of observation with another teen driver. 

How many hours of supervised driving do I need to complete?
The Vermont DMV requires that your parents, or a licensed 25-year old Vermont driver, accompany you as you perform 40 hours of practice driving while in possession of your Vermont learners permit.  Ten of these hours must be at night.
Can I drive alone on my permit?
Absolutely not.  Vermont state law prohibits anyone with a learners permit from driving at any time with the direct supervision of a 25-year old licensed Vermont driver.
Can my friends ride with me if I only have a Vermont leaners permit?
Sure, but remember, you must be accompanied in the passenger seat by a licensed Vermont driver who is at least 25 years old.
When I finally get my license, can my friends and I ride around unsupervised?
Not quite yet.  The Vermont DMV wants to ensure that young drivers do not become reckless with glee whyen they finally receive their Vermon junior drivers license, so some restrictions will still apply for a few months.

Notably, for the first 3 months you hold your Vermont drivers license, your friends may not ride with you unless you are accompanied by a parent/guardian, driving instructor, or licensed driver of at least 25 years old.  After that, you are free to drive with your friends so long as you faithfully obey the Vermont rules of the road.
Is the Driver Ed To Go Vermont online driver ed course expensive?
Drive Ed To Go offers top notch drivers education at the lowest prices!  For a current price listing for all our Vermont drivers education programs, please see our "Course Options" page.
Does Driver Ed To Go offer refunds?
Driver Ed To Go stands by a 100%, money-back guarantee.  If you aren't satisfied with Driver Ed To Go's Vermont online driver education course for any reason, just ask for a refund before we ship out your certificate of completion, and we will gladly refund your money.
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