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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to take my Utah learners permit test?

The Utah Drivers License Division ("DLD") requires you to be 15 years old before applying for your Utah learners permit.

What paperwork do I need to provide the Utah DLD?

The Utah DLD requires you to present a valid form of identification, signed parental approval, two proofs of residency and your social security card.

What if I don’t pass the learners permit test? Will the Utah DLD give me another chance?

You will need to pass your learners permit written test to receive a Utah learners permit. The test is 25 questions long and you will need an 80% (20 correct responses) to pass. If you fail, just take the test again until you pass, though you may need to wait a day to try again. Driver Ed To Go's Utah online drivers education course is designed to help you learn the rules of the road at your own pace, and to help you pass your drivers license exams with ease, the first time. For more information, check out our "testimonials" page to see how Utah drivers just like you have benefitted from our Utah online drivers education classes.

How many questions are on the Driver Ed To Go online Utah drivers education final exam?

You will need to pass the Driver Ed To Go 35-question final exam in order to receive a certificate of completion for your Utah online driver ed course. You will need an 80% to pass, but can retake the exam as much as you need to for no extra cost. It's impossible to fail with Driver Ed To Go!

Does Driver Ed To Go meet all Utah DLD requirements?

Yes!  Driver Ed To Go is partnered with Wright Driving School and offers a state-approved driver education program.  Driver Ed To Go's online course will satisfy the "classroom" portion of your driver's ed requirements, while Wright Driving School will satisfy your behind-the-wheel training requirements.

How long until I receive my Utah online drivers ed certificate of completion from Driver Ed To Go?

 Your certificate of completion will arrive 3-5 days after you pass your Driver Ed To Go final exam. If you find you need your certificate faster, you can choose expedited shipping options through FedEx, and for an added cost your certificate will be delivered 3rd day, 2nd day, or even as quickly as overnight. The choice is up to you!

When can I start using my learners permit to drive in Utah?

When you receive your Utah learners permit, you will be able to start driving immediately.  However, the Utah DLD mandates that you be accompanied at all times by a 21-year old licensed Utah driver with at least one year of driving experience in your front passenger seat.  Also, you must be enrolled in a state-approved driver education program, like the one offered by Driver Ed To Go & Wright Driving School, to progress toward receiving your Utah drivers license.

I have my Utah learners permit. When will I be able to apply for my Utah drivers license?

If you are 17 years of age or younger when you apply for your learner permit, you must hold the permit for at least six (6) months before applying for a Utah driver's license.  If you turn 18 during the holding period, you may apply for a Utah driver's license upon turning 18. The six-month learner permit holding requirement does not apply if you are age 18 or older at the time of application for the learner permit.

Does the Utah DLD require behind-the-wheel driver training?

Yes.  If you have never had a drivers license before, Utah law requires you to complete a state-approved driver education program such as the one offered by Driver Ed To Go & Wright Driving School. 

Driver Ed To Go's online course will satsify the "classroom" portion of your driver's ed, and Wright Driving School will provide you with behind-the-wheel training under the supervision of a licensed Utah driving instructor.

How many hours of supervised driving do I need before I can apply for a drivers license?

Utah also requires you to perform forty hours of practice driving outside of the classroom. These hours must be supervised by a family member or licensed Utah driver your parents or legal guardians approve of, who is over 21. Also, you must perform ten of these practice driving hours after sundown.

Can my friends ride with me after I get my Utah learners permit or drivers license?

 If you hold a Utah learners permit and are under 18, you may only drive when accompanied by a driving instructor, licensed parent or guardian, or 21-year old adult who your parent or guardian approve of. 

Also, even if you hold a driver's license you cannot drive in Utah between the hours of 12 midnight and 5am unless accompanied by a licensed adult who's at least 21 years of age. 

Can I drive alone with my Utah learners permit?

 You can never drive on a Utah learners permit without a licensed adult driver supervising you from the passenger seat.

How much is the online Driver Ed To Go Utah drivers ed course?

The tuition price of the DriverEdToGo.com/Wright Driving School's driver education program varies according to season.  Please click on the orange "Course Options" tab above to view our current prices.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with Driver Ed To Go?

Driver Ed To Go is proud of its top-quality Utah online driver education courses and its superior customer service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both over the phone and online. We are so confident you will be satisfied when you try Driver Ed To Go, that if for any reason you are not fully satisfied with our Utah online drivers education course, we will issue you a full refund any time prior to your starting the final exam.  Just contact us before we ship out your certificate of completion-- it's that easy. It's our "100% Money-Back" guarantee!

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