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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Texas driver ed online work?
For your convenience, the Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) course is completely online. The course automatically saves your place so it is ready when you logon from your laptop or desktop or any mobile device. You can review the course whenever you want and from any device with internet access.

There is no final exam!  Instead, each module of instruction is followed by a "Unit Exam," which covers the materials learned during the module.  If you fail the Unit Exam, you must repeat the failed module and retake the Unit Exam.  You may repeat this process as many times as necessary until you pass!
How can I get my Texas driver's license?
Applicants under the age of 18 are required to complete 6 hours, at least, of a TEA-approved 32-hour Texas course in driver education to apply for a learner license. After receiving a Texas instruction permit/learner license, 7 hours must be completed of in-car driving instruction, as well as 7 hours of observation of a licensed driver from inside the car. When you have completed the first 6 hours of this online drivers ed course we will issue the first part of form DE964 so that you may apply for a learner license at a DPS Driver License Office.  After receiving a Texas instruction permit/learner license, 7 hours must be completed of in-car driving instruction, as well as 7 hours of observation of a licensed driver from inside the car. When both 7-hour requirements are completed as part of Texas driver education, you will have earned and received your Certificate of Course Completion and may apply for a driver license at the DPS once you have held your permit for at least 6 months.
Who must complete Texas driver education?
If you are 14 to 17 years old and plan to earn a Texas learner license, you must first complete a driver's education course that is TEA approved. 
Do both DPS and TEA approve this driver ed course?
Our course satisfies DPS requirements and is licensed under TEA License # C2126, which belongs to our partner Stay Safe Driving School.  It is equal to the 32-hour regular in-class course in driver's education. 
What is the cost of the course?
It is $95 for the online Texas drivers ed course plus the cost of shipping your certificate of completion (form DE964).
How long does the course take from start to finish?
Texas law required 32 hours for the classroom part of the course. You have unlimited access online to review course information whenever you choose; however, you may only study for a maximum of 2 hours per day so it will take a minimum of 16 days to complete the entire course.
How soon will I receive my Certificate of Completion or my Partial Course Completion Certificate?
We will send a Certificate of Partial Completion (the permit portion of form DE964) to you when you complete the first 6 hours of this course (module one). You must then apply for your permit at the DPS driver license office.  Once you have your permit you can start your in-car training concurrently with the remainder of the online course (known as the "concurrent" program), or you can start your in-car training after you complete the online course (known as the "block" program).

You will receive the driver license portion of your DE964 once you have completed the entire 32-hour online course.  Unless you choose to complete the online course concurrently with the required 7/7 driving lessons, you will be required to complete 7/7 driving lessons with a driving school within 90-days of your online course completion.
Is it necessary to complete the in-car phase after course completion?
Yes. All teens under 18 are required by Texas law to complete 7 hours each of in-car drivers training and in-car observing a licensed instructor from inside the car in a program that is TEA-approved.  Again, you may do this concurrently with the online course once you have obtained your permit OR you may do it after you complete the online course. 
How soon can the DPS written permit test be taken?
When the first 6 hours are completed of the online course and you reach 15 years of age, you can earn your learner license by passing the DPS written test. 
How soon can I start my driving lessons?
As soon as you receive your learner license by completing the first 6 hours of the teen Texas drivers education.
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