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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for my learners permit in Oregon?
You can apply for an Oregon learners permit when you turn 15 years old, as long as you are enrolled in school.
What paperwork do I need to bring with me to take my Oregon learners permit test?
The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles ("DMV") will need several documents from you before issuing you an Oregon learners permit.  You will need to bring proof of your age, residence in Oregon, enrollment in school, your social security number, and proof of your parent's approval for you to take your learners permit exam.
What if I don't pass my Oregon learners permit test?
If you don't pass your Oregon learners permit written test with a score of 28/35, you will have to return to the Oregon DMV location take the test again the next day.
Does Driver Ed To Go satisfy Oregon DMV requirements?
Primarily, Driver Ed To Go is a supplemental educational tool.  Driver Ed To Go's Oregon online driver education course will teach you everything you need to know before taking your learners permit exam.  To see if the Oregon DMV will allow you to take online driver education to satisfy Oregon driver ed requirements, you should contact your local Oregon DMV branch.
Is there a final exam for Driver Ed To Go?
Driver Ed To Go offers a comprehensive final exam, which will test you on what you need to know to pass the Oregon DMV learners permit and drivers license exams.  If you don't pass with an 80%, you can retake the exam right away as many times as necessary.  It's impossible to fail with Driver Ed To Go!
When will I receive my Oregon online driver ed certificate of completion from Driver Ed To Go?
As soon as you pass the Driver Ed To Go final exam, you will be sent your Oregon online driver education course certificate of completion.  Delivery usually takes 3-5 business days, with expedited shipping options also available through FedEx, allowing you to get your certificate as fast as overnight for an added cost.
When can I start driving on my learners permit?
If you have enrolled in an Oregon driver education course and received your learners permit from the Oregon DMV, you can begin driving immediately, so long as you are accompanied by a 21-year old license Oregon driver.
How long do I need to have my permit before I can get my drivers license?
The Oregon DMV requires you to have your learners permit for at least six months, for you to be 16 years of age and for you to to finish all of your driver ed training before applying for your Oregon provisional drivers license.
Am I required to do behind the wheel training in class, or supervised training outside of class?

To get your provisional Oregon drivers license, you need to either complete an Oregon driver education course and accumulate 50 hours driving time outside of class with your parents or a parent-approved licensed adult driver, or accumulate 100 hours driving time outside of class.

Can I drive alone with my learners permit? Can I drive my friends around?
In Oregon, like most states, it is illegal (and patently dangerous) for you to drive alone when you only have an Oregon learners permit.  While you can drive with your friends in the car, you must be supervised in the passenger seat at all times by a 21-year old licensed Oregon driver.
Can I drive my friends around when I get my Oregon drivers license?
When you receive your Oregon drivers license, there will be provisional restrictions placed on it until you turn 18 years of age.  One of these restriction is that you cannot drive without adult supervision if anyone under 20 who you are not related to is in the car.
Is Driver Ed To Go expensive?
Driver Ed To Go offers top-quality driver education courses at rock-bottom prices!  Check our "course options" page for more information on current price listings for all our Oregon online drivers education courses.
Does Driver Ed To Go issue refunds?
Driver Ed To Go will provide any customer with a full refund prior to shipping out your completion certificate, if you are not fully satisfied with the Driver Ed To Go Oregon online drivers education course.
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