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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to take my Oklahoma learners permit exam?

To take the test for your Oklahoma learner's permit, you must be at least 15 ½ years old if you are currently receiving instruction in or have completed an Oklahoma driver education program.   If you are 16 and still do not have your learners permit, driver education courses are waived.  However, you can still receive valuable training and safe driving tips by enrolling in an online driver education course like the Oklahoma online driver ed courses offered by Driver Ed To Go.

What paperwork do I need before visiting the Oklahoma DMV?

To get your Oklahoma learners permit, you need proof that you are enrolled in an Oklahoma driver education program or have completed an Oklahoma-DMV approved driver education  course. You must also bring with you to the DMV lcoation proof of identity, school attendance, ability to read at an 8th grade level, and your parents' or guardian's approval.

What if I don’t pass my learners permit test? How many times will the Oklahoma DMV let me take it?
You need to score a 40/50 on your written learners permit exam to receive your permit.  If you don't pass, the Oklahoma DMV will let you retake the exam repeatedly until you pass, but you will not be able to take it again until the day after you fail.
When can I begin driving on my newly minted Oklahoma learners permit?
You can begin driving as soon as you obtain your Oklahoma learners permit.  However, you need to be accompanied by a licensed Oklahoma driver who is 21 years or older.
When can I upgrade from my learners permit to my Oklahoma drivers license?
If you have held your Oklahoma learners permit for six months and are 16 years of age, and you have passsed an Oklahoma driver education course, you are eligible to apply for your Oklahoma drivers license.
Do I need to enroll in a behind-the-wheel driver training course?
In order to apply for your Oklahoma learners permit, you must be enrolled in an Oklahoma drivers education course.  As part of this course, you will be required to perform behind-the-wheel training under the supervision of an Oklahoma licensed driving instructor.

Driver Ed To Go is an excellent way to prepare for this and other driver ed requirements set forth by the Oklahoma DMV.  To learn more about all that Driver Ed To Go has to offer, please review our "testimonials" page to see what other drivers just like you have to say about the benefits of Driver Ed To Go Oklahoma online driver education courses!
Do I need supervised driving practice outside the classroom?
The Oklahoma DMV requires you to log 50 hours of supervised driving with a parent, legal guardian, or parent/guardian-approved licensed Oklahoma driver before applying for your OKlahoma drivers license.    Ten of these hours must be at night.

If you have received permission from the Oklahoma DMV to receive driver ed training directly from your parents from home, you will need an additional five hours of training to account for the practice you would receive in class.  These addtional hours would also likely be required should you receive permission from the Oklahoma DMV to take driver education courses online through Driver Ed To Go.
Can my friends ride with me after I get my permit? What about when I get my license?

If you have an Oklahoma learners permit, you must be with a licensed driver 21 years of age or older at all times.  With proper adult supervision, you may also drive with others in the car.

If you have a restricted Oklahoma drivers license, the first license you receive as a teen driver after your learners permit, you may not drive with more than 2 passengers younger than age 21 except for family members.  Also, you can't drive between 11pm and 5am without a school/church exception, for one year.

Can I drive alone with my Oklahoma learners permit?
Oklahoma strictly prohibits teen drivers from driving alone with just a learners permit.  This is done, first and foremost, for safety reasons.  Driver education course, including online driver ed classes like those offered by Driver Ed To Go, are an important step in learning to be a safe and ersponsible driver, and the Oklahoma DMV expects you to learn these vital skills before you are allowed to drive without supervision from a licensed adult Oklahoma driver.
Who is allowed to take online drivers education?
Anyone can take an online driver education course, like the OKlahoma driver ed courses offered through Driver Ed To Go, for educational purposes.
Does Driver Ed To Go satisfy Oklahoma DMV requirements?
Driver Ed To Go is offered primarily as a supplement to your driver education course requirements.  To substitute Driver Ed To Go's Oklahoma online drivers education course for DMV-approved courses, you must contact the Oklahoma DMV and receive individual approval.
What's with the Driver Ed To Go final exam?
Driver Ed To Go offers a comprehensive final exam at the end of your Oklahoma online drivers education class.  The exam is designed to review everything you need to know to be a safe, responsible, and most importantly, approved Oklahoma driver.  You must pass with an 80%, just like your real Oklahoma learners permit exam, and you can take the exam repeatedly until you pass.
How long until I receive my certificate of completion?
Driver Ed To Go will ship your certificate of completion for passing the Oklahoma onlined river education course as soon as you pass  the exam.  While normally delivery takes 3-5 busienss days, you can expedite delivery via FedEx for an additional price, and receive your shipment as quickly as the next day.  The choise is up to you and can be changed by logging into your Driver Ed To Go account at any time prior to shipment.
Is Driver Ed To Go's Oklahoma driver ed course expensive?
Driver Ed To Go's Oklahoma driver education course is a premium educational tool offered at rock-bottom prices.  For up-to-date price listings, check out the "course options" tab above.
Do you offer refunds?
If at any time you are dissatisfied with Driver Ed To Go's premium online driver education course, or the 24-hour online and telephone customer support, just let us know and we'll refund your money before sending out your certificate of completion.  It's our "100% Money-Back" guarantee.
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