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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to get my North Dakota learners permit?
You need to be 14 years old to apply for your learners permit in North Dakota.
Can I take online drivers education courses to fulfill North Dakota DMV requirements?
Anyone can take online drivers ed, like Driver Ed To Go's North Dakota online driver ed course, for educational purposes.  You will need specific North Dakota Department of Transportation ("DOT") approval to take an online driver ed course to fulfill specific DOT driver ed requirements.
Do I need to bring anything with me to take my learners permit exam?
When you take your learners permit written test in North Dakota, be sure to bring a parent or legal guardian with you, or have them sign the learners permit application prior to your arrival.  Also, bring your birth certificate, or some other official proof of identity, and your social security number.
What if I don't pass my North Dakota learners permit exam?
If you don't get 20 or more questions correct out of 25 on your written exam, you can retake the exam the next day.  The North Dakota DOT allows you to repeat the exam until you pass.  But by enrolling in Driver Ed To Go, you won't have to worry about failing your learners permit and other North Dakota drivers exams.  Driver Ed To Go is here to make your learning experience easier, faster, and much more fun.
What do I need to pass my Driver Ed To Go final exam?
You need an 80% on your 35-question final exam through Driver Ed To Go.  This exam is designed to test you on everything you will be expected to know when you tkae your learners permit and drivers license exams through the North Dakota DOT.  Again, you can take this exam (at no added cost!) again and again until you pass.
I got my learners permit! Can I start driving now?
Yes!  When you get your North Dakota learners permit, you can and should start driving immediately.  Howevwer, until you gain the experience, and reach the age, necessary to obtain a valid North Dakota unrestricted drivers license, you need to be supervised by a North Dakota licensed driver who is at least 18 and has 3 or more years of driving experience.
When will I get my certificate of completion?
Driver Ed To Go will ship your certificate of completion as soon as you pass your final exam.  Normally this takes three to five days to arrive, but for an additional price we can FedEx your certificate with overnight, 2nd day or 3rd day delivery.
I have my learners permit. When can I upgrade to my drivers license?
North Dakota learners permits are provided to drivers at a relatively young age.  Because of this, North Dakota DOT asks that you wait 6 months to practice your driving skills, and to complete your driver education program, before applying for your drivers license.  If you are under 16 whern you apply, then you will only be eligible for a restricted license, which means you can only drive your parent's or legal guardian's car during certain times of the day until you reach the age of 16.
Do I need behind-the-wheel training to get my North Dakota drivers license?
To obtain your drivers license, you must pass a North Dakota DOT-approved course.  Six hours will be devoted during this course to behind-the-wheel driving practice, supervised by a licensed North Dakota driving instructor.
Do I need supervised driving practice outside of class?
If you are trying to become a good, safe driver, it is best that you get as much practice as possible with your North Dakota learners permit.  This is especially true if you want to pass your North Dakota drivers liecense road test on the first try.  However, the only driving you are required to show you have completed is the in-class practice through yoru state-approved North Dakota driver education class.
Can my friends ride with me on my North Dakota learners permit? Can I drive alone?
You may never drive alone on your North Dakota learners permit.  While you may drive with yoru friends, you must be supervised by an 18-year old licensed North Dakota driver and only they can ride in the passenger seat while you drive.
Can my friends ride with me when I get my North Dakota drivers license?
When you get your North Dakota drivers license, your friends can drive with you so long as they are buckled up.
How much is the North Dakota Driver Ed To Go course?
Driver Ed To Go prices vary each season in order to keep our prices as competitively low as possible.  Check our "course options" for more info.
What is your refund policy?
At Driver Ed To Go, we believe in our product and our 24-hour, 7-days-a-week customer support, and we back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee.  if you aren't happy with the North Dakota online drivers education course for any reason, just ask for a refund before we send out your certificate of completion and we will return your money, free of charge.
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