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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for my North Carolina learners permit?
When you are 14 1/2, you are eligible to sign up for some form of North Carolina-sponsored driver education course.  Youmust complete this course, and turn 15, in order to apply for your learners permit.
Who can take North Carolina online drivers education?
Anyone can take the Driver Ed To Go North Carolina online driver education course.  However, you must receive authorization from the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles in order to have our online driver ed class replace the standard in-person driver education courses commonly approved by the North Carolina DMV.
What paperwork will I need to bring with me to my driving test?
The North Carolina DMV requires you to provide proof of your birth, social security number, residency, car insurance, parental approval and enrollment in a North Carolina driver education program.
What if I fail my learners permit test?
If you do not attain 20/25 on your the North Carolina learners permit test, you can retake the exam until you meet the passing grade.  To retake the exam, just showup the next day and try, try again.
What do I need to pass my Driver Ed To Go final exam?
When you take Driver Ed To Go's North Carolinaonline drivers ed course, you will neet to score an 80% on your 35-question final exam.  You can retake the exam until you pass, for no additional cost.  You can never fail with Driver Ed To Go!
Does your course meet DMV requirements?
Only in a handful of states, like Texas, Nevada, California and Florida.  If you would like to take a Driver Ed To Go online drivers education courseto fulfill North Carolina DMV requirements, contact the DMV for individual approval.
When will I receive my certificate of completion from Driver Ed To Go?
Typically, you can get your certificate in less than 5 business days after passing your final exam.  If you need it faster, for an additional price you can have it shipped via FedEx for overnight, 2nd day or 3rd day delivery.
Can I begin driving with my learners permit immediately?
Yes!  Once you have passed your driver education course and obtained your North Carolina learners permit, the North Carolina DMV will allow you to drive under the supervision of a family member, or a licensed driver your family approves of, with 5 years of driving experience.
How long do I need to have my North Carolina learners permit before getting a regular license?
You will need to drive under supervision for one year and receive no traffic violations of any sort in order to apply for your provisional North Carolina drivers license.
Do I need to do behind-the-wheel training?
As part of your North Carolina driver education training, you must complete six hours of in-class driving under the supervision of a licensed North Carolina driving instructor.
Do I need supervised training outside of class to get my North Carolina drivers license?
While you will have to wait a year after finishing your driver education training and receiving your North Carolina learners permit before getting your North Carolina provisional drivers license, you do not need to log your practice hours specifically.
Can my friends ride with me when I get my North Carolina learners permit?
While your friends can ride in the car with you, only you and a supervising licensed North Carolina driver, with 5 years of driving experience, are allowed to sit in the front seat until you get your North Carolina provisional drivers license.
Can I drive my buddies around when I finally get my drivers license?
Yes!  When you receive your North Carolina drivers license, you are allowed to drive with your friends in the car, so long as you drive safely.  Until you are 18, though, remember that you cannot drive between the hours of 9pm and 5am without adult supervision.  You will learn this and more important driving rules when you enroll in Driver Ed To Go North Carolina online drivers education classes.
Can I drive alone on my permit?
Without exception, NO.  Your North Carolina learners permit only entitles you to drive with a supervising licensed North Carolina driver who is your family member or who your parents approve of, and they must have 5 years driving experience.
How much does your North Carolina online driver ed course cost?
Course prices are subject to change each season.  Please check our "course options" page to find out the most recent low prices on North Carolina online driver education offered by Driver Ed To Go!
Do you have a refund policy?
Driver Ed To Go is proud of its 100% money-back guarantee.  If you aren't satisfied with our product for any reason, just ask for a refund before we send out your certificate of completion, and we will gladly return your money--we're that confident that you will love Driver Ed To Go's North Carolina online driver education course.
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