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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to get my learners permit in Mississippi?
You need to be 15 years old before enrolling in a Mississippi driver education program and receive your Mississippi learners permit.
Who qualifies for Mississippi online driver education?
Anyone in Mississippi can take online drivers education.  Driver Ed To Go teaches you everything you need to know to pass your drivers license exams.  Howevr, to satisfy specific Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission ("MVC") requirements, you will need to contact them and ask if online driver education is an option for you.
What paperwork does the Mississippi MVC need from me?

You will first need to fill out a Mississippi learners permit application form, signed by all the parents you live with, or your legal guardians. You'll also need to provide your Social Security card, a certified copy of your birth certificate, and a certified school attendance form if you're under 18.

What if I don't pass the Mississippi learners permit test?
To get your learners permit, the Mississippi MVC requires you to pass a 30-question written test with a score of 80%, or 24/30.  If you fail the first time, just show up the next day and try again.  When you take Driver Ed To Go, though, you will learn all you need to be prepared for your Missisippi learners permit exam, and can be confident you will pass the first time.
How many questions are on this course's final exam?
The Driver Ed To Go final exam has 35 questions and you will need 28 correct to pass the Mississippi online driver education course.  You can retake the exam until you pass at no extra cost, ensuring you are ready for your Mississippi MVC driver examinations.
Does Driver Ed To Go satisfy Mississippi MVC requirements?
While you may be able to receive special permission from the Mississippi MVC to enroll in a Mississippi online driver education course to satsify your state driver training requirements, Driver Ed To Go is primarily a supplementary education tool in Mississippi.
I passed Driver Ed To Go! How long will it take to receive my certificate of completion.
Your Mississippi online drivers education certificate of completion commonly arrives in three to five business days, unless you choose expedited service when you sign up for Driver Ed To Go.  You can then choose between 3rd, 2nd or next-day delivery through FedEx.
When can I start driving in Mississippi after passing my learners permit exam?

You can begin driving once you’ve received your learners permit, but in Mississippi you will need a 21-year old licensed Mississippi driver supervising you from the passenger seat at all times when you are driving with your Mississippi learners permit.

How long do I need to have my learners permit before I qualify for a Mississippi drivers license?
The Mississippi MVC requires you to practice driving for six months under adult supervision before letting you sit for your Mississippi drivers license exam.
Am I required to do behind the wheel training in my Mississippi driver education class?

Yes.  As part of your Mississippi driver training class required to apply for a Mississippi drivers license, you will participate in six hours of driver training with a licensed Mississippi driving instructor.

Do I need to perform supervised driver training outside the classroom?
In Mississippi, you don't need any supervised driving practice outside the classroom.  However, it is a good idea to get as much practice in as possible to ensure you have mastered proerp driving techniques before going to a Mississippi MVC drivers license office and taking your Mississippi drivers license road test.
Can my friends ride with me when I get my Mississippi learners permit?
Unfortunately, no.  Only a 21-year old licensed Mississippi driver can accompany you on your driving excursions, and their presence is specifically required whenever you are driving on a Mississippi learners permit.
Can my friends ride with me now that I have my Mississippi drivers license?
Once you have graduated from your learners permit to your provisional drivers license, you may drive unsupervised or with yoru friends between the hours of 6am and 10pm, until you are 18 years old.  After you turn 18, you will be free of all udnerage restrictions on yoru Mississippi driving privileges.
Can I drive alone with my Mississippi learners permit?
Absolutely NOT.  You MUST be accompanied by a 21-year old licensed Mississippi driver in your passenger seat at all times.
What does the Driver Ed To Go Mississippi online drivers ed course cost?
Please see our "course options" for current prices.  Driver Ed To Go experiences periodic price fluctuations in an effort to keep its prices as competitively low as possible.
What is the Driver Ed To Go refund policy?
If you want a refund at any time before we send out your completion certificate for Driver Ed To Go Mississippi online drivers education courses, we will gladly do so.  It's our 100% money-back guarantee.
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