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Superior Driving AcademyFAQ's

Since Superior Driving Academy appears on your website, does this mean they've been approved by the Minnesota DMV to offer behind-the-wheel training courses?
The list of driver training schools on our webpage is provided as a convenience to our customers only.  We CANNOT guarantee that every single school listed is fully-approved by the Minnesota DMV.  You may want to call Superior Driving Academy directly to find out if they offer a state-certified behind-the-wheel training course.
I've been told that either of my parents can monitor my driver training, so I don't have to attend a Sauk Rapids Minnesota driving school like Superior Driving Academy to fulfill my behind-the-wheel training requirement. Do you know if that's true or not?
You will need to contact the Minnesota DMV or a state-approved driver training school like Superior Driving Academy to find out.  Some states do allow parent-taught driving, but many states do not.
I can't drive a manual-shift. Will Superior Driving Academy allow me to complete my behind-the-wheel training on an automatic-shift vehicle?
We recommend that you contact Superior Driving Academy and ask them if you can do your behind-the-wheel training using a vehicle that has an automatic shift before enrolling in their behind-the-wheel training course.
The area in which I live is mostly undeveloped--very few paved roads and mountains are all around. Will Superior Driving Academy be able to teach me how to drive safely on rugged terrain as well as in a city or town?
Considering that you live in a remote area, chances are excellent that a local driving school like Superior Driving Academy will want you to be able to drive safely on unpaved roads and other types of rugged terrain.  You may wish to contact Superior Driving Academy to find out exactly what their behind-the-wheel training course includes before signing up to take their training course.
I just turned 14 years old. Am I eligible to receive my instruction permit in Minnesota?
Probably not.  The minimum age requirement for holding an instruction permit in most states is 15 1/2.  You should contact the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or a licensed driver training institute such as Superior Driving Academy to find out more information about the minimum age requirement in Minnesota. 
I live in Sauk Rapids Minnesota. Does the law say I have to enroll in both a driver ed classroom or online course and a behind-the-wheel training course in order to be fully-licensed here?
Each state has its own laws in regards to licensing procedures.  However, most states do require that new, teen-aged drivers enroll in both a driver training course plus either a drivers education online course or drivers education classroom course .
Minnesota's DMV has told me that I need to take a behind-the-wheel training course. Do you know if Superior Driving Academy offers this course or not?
Superior Driving Academy does offer the driver training course that Minnesota requires all new teen-aged drivers to take.  For more information about the courses Superior Driving Academy offers, we recommend that you contact Superior Driving Academy directly.
I live in Sauk Rapids Minnesota. What requirements must I meet to be able to get my first Minnesota driver's license?
It depends on the particular laws of Minnesota, but most states require teen-aged first-time license applicants to successfully complete both a safe driving classroom course and a driver training course.  Superior Driving Academy may offer courses which would fulfill the behind-the-wheel training requirement, however you will need to contact them directly to find out exactly what types of courses they offer.
What are the laws in Minnesota concerning driver training courses? Do I have to take one to get my driver's license?
Yes, you do.  Minnesota law states that new drivers enroll in an approved driver training course as a prerequisite to obtaining their first driver's license. 
Is it okay for me to sign up to take a driver training class in Minnesota before I receive my Minnesota learners permit to drive?
Probably not.  Most states require first-time drivers to have their instruction permit before they are allowed to sign up to take a driver training program.  You should contact a driving instruction company like Superior Driving Academy and request more information.

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