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Right WayFAQ's

Right Way's contact information is listed on your webpage. How can I find out if it is an approved driver training school in North Dakota?
Even though we provide a list of behind-the-wheel training schools on our website, we have no way of knowing for sure as to whether or not a particular school is licensed by the North Dakota DMV to offer behind-the-wheel training courses.  We strongly suggest that you contact Right Way directly or check with the North Dakota DMV to find out for sure if Right Way is a licensed school.
I heard that parents can fill the role of driving instructor in North Dakota, so taking a Grand Forks driving school course like the one Right Way offers is not necessary. Is that true?
You should contact the North Dakota DMV or a licensed driver training school like Right Way and ask them.  While parent-taught driving instruction is permitted in some states, many states do NOT allow it.
What if I don't know how to drive a vehicle with a manual-shift? Does Right Way have an automatic-shift vehicle they'll let me train with?
Since you're just learning how to drive, you probably don't know how to operate either a stick-shift or an automatic-shift vehicle!  However, if you have a preference as to a stick or an automatic, you probably should call Right Way to see if they can accommodate your request prior to your enrolling in their driver training course.
I live out in the middle of nowhere. There are rural and mountain roads all around. Will Right Way train me how to drive in BOTH rural AND city areas?
If you live in a rural or mountain community, chances are that a local driving instruction institute like Right Way will include behind-the-wheel driver training specifically tailored to that terrain. 
Can I get my North Dakota learner's permit once I turn 14?
Most likely, no.  Most states have set the youngest age to obtain a learner's permit at 15 or 15½.  You may want to contact the North Dakota Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or a certified driver training school like Right Way to learn more about the minimum age requirement in North Dakota.
Do you know if the laws in North Dakota require new teen-aged drivers to register for a behind-the-wheel training course in addition to a driver ed classroom or online course?
The laws vary from state to state, but many states do require you to successfully complete a driver training course with "hands-on" practice in addition to a drivers education classroom or online course.
North Dakota's DMV has told me that I need to take a behind-the-wheel training course. Do you know if Right Way offers this course or not?
Right Way does offer the driver training course that North Dakota requires all new teen-aged drivers to take.  For more information about the courses Right Way offers, we recommend that you contact Right Way directly.
What type of driver ed do I need before North Dakota will give me a driver's license?
Each state has its own requirements concerning drivers education, although you should know that most states now require all new, young drivers to complete a drivers education classroom or online course as well as a behind-the-wheel training course.  Right Way may be able to help you fulfill the driver training requirement in North Dakota.  Please contact either Right Way or the North Dakota DMV for more information.
Is a behind-the-wheel training course required in Grand Forks North Dakota for me to get a drivers license?
The law in North Dakota requires that all drivers complete a driver training course as part of their driver education.  You should contact Right Way directly to find out about the types of courses they offer.
Do I need to have my instruction permit before I sign up to take a driver training course like the one that Right Way offers?
You will need to contact Right Way or the North Dakota DMV to find out if you are allowed to register with a driver training school like Right Way before obtaining your North Dakota instruction permit.