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National Safety Council--Arizona ChapterFAQ's

National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter's address and phone number is listed on your webpage. How can I find out if it is a licensed driver training school in Arizona?
Even though we provide a list of driver training schools on our website, we have no way of knowing for sure as to whether or not a particular school is licensed by the Arizona DMV to offer driver training courses.  We strongly suggest that you contact National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter directly or check with the Arizona DMV to find out for sure if National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter is a licensed school.
Do you know if I can complete my behind-the-wheel training with my mother or father instead of attending a behind-the-wheel training course like the ones offered by National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter?
Some states allow teen-agers to do their behind-the-wheel training with their parents instead of attending a professional driver training school.  We recommend that you contact the Arizona DMV or National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter directly to find out if Arizona allows parent-taught driver training.
What happens if I don't know how to operate a manual-shift vehicle? Will National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter allow me to do my behind-the-wheel training with an automatic-shift automobile?
Considering you're a brand new driver, you probably don't know much about driving any type of automobile--manual-shift or automatic-shift!  However, if you prefer to complete your behind-the-wheel training using an automatic-shift vehicle, you should contact National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter and let them know before you register for their driver training course.  That way you will know for certain if they will accommodate you.
Since I live way out in the country where driving on unpaved roads and bumpy terrain is the norm, will National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter be able to teach me how to drive in a non-urban environment? Or do they only prepare you for city-driving?
Since you live in a remote location, odds are that any local driving school in your area such as National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter will want you to be able to drive safely on unpaved roads and rugged terrain.  We recommend that you contact National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter directly to find out exactly what they offer.
I'm turning 14 in a few weeks. Can I get a instruction permit to drive in Arizona after my 14th birthday?
Most likely, no.  Most states (though not all) have laws which require that you be at least 15 or 15 1/2 before to be eligible to apply for a learner's permit.  Nevertheless, you may wish to contact the Arizona DMV office or a Arizona-certified driving school such as National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter to find out for certain what the minimum driving age is in your local area.
Can I take National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter's driver training course before taking a Phoenix Arizona defensive driving classroom course or online course?
It depends on what Arizona's laws prescribe.  However, you should know that most states will require teen-aged, first-time drivers to complete both a defensive driving classroom course (which are approximately 30 hours in length, depending on Arizona's laws) or an approved online course, plus a state-approved behind-the-wheel training course.  We recommend that you contact National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter directly to see if they offer either (or both) of these courses.
I'm required to take a defensive driving course in Phoenix Arizona. Do you know if National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter offers defensive driving classes in Phoenix Arizona?
Yes, National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter does offer defensive driving courses in Phoenix Arizona.  For more information about their class schedule and how/when to enroll in one of their driver training courses, please contact National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter directly.
What are the requirements in Phoenix Arizona for getting a drivers license?
It depends on your state's laws, however in many states, teen-agers must complete both a drivers education classroom course and a behind-the-wheel training course.  National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter may offer an approved behind-the-wheel training course which you could take.  Please contact National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter for information regarding their available classes and how to go about registering for them.
Is it necessary for me to sign up for a driver training course in order to get my first Arizona driver's license?
Yes, it is.  All teen-aged drivers applying for their first driver's license in Arizona must complete a state-approved driver training course.
Can I sign up to take a Arizona behind-the-wheel training course prior to having my Arizona learners permit?
Most states require pre-licensed drivers to hold a learners permit before being permitted to register for a driver training course.  You should contact a driving school like National Safety Council--Arizona Chapter and ask for more information.