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Jomil Driving SchoolFAQ's

Is Jomil Driving School licensed by the Alabama DMV to offer behind-the-wheel training courses?
Although we include Jomil Driving School in our directory of driving schools for Harvest Alabama, we cannot make any assurances about whether or not Jomil Driving School is licensed by the Alabama DMV.  You should contact Jomil Driving School directly and ask them if you are thinking about registering for their Harvest Alabama behind-the-wheel training class.
Somebody told me that I can skip out of attending a driver training school if my parents give me behind-the-wheel training instead. Is that permissible in Alabama?
Each state has its own laws regarding behind-the-wheel training.  Some states will allow parentally-supervised driver training as a substitute for enrolling in a driver training course which is taught by a professional driving instructor.  However, not all states allow this.  You should contact the Alabama DMV to find out for sure.
What if I don't know how to operate a vehicle with a stick-shift? Does Jomil Driving School have an automatic-shift vehicle they'll let me train with?
Since you're just learning how to drive, you probably don't know how to operate either a stick-shift or an automatic-shift vehicle!  However, if you have a preference as to a stick or an automatic, you probably should call Jomil Driving School to see if they can accommodate your request prior to your enrolling in their driver training course.
I live in a small mountain community, where there are a lot of small, unpaved roads. Will my behind-the-wheel training with Jomil Driving School include learning how to drive in remote areas? Or do they just offer training for city driving?
Most local driving schools will likely want their students to know how to drive safely in the local area.  Therefore, chances are good that the behind-the-wheel training you receive from Jomil Driving School will include handling unpaved roads and mountain driving.
After I turn 14, will I be eligible to get my learner's permit so I can begin to learn how to drive?
It depends on which state you live in, however most states unfortunately require you to be at least 15 (or sometimes 15 1/2) before you can be issued a learner's permit.  We suggest that you contact a local driver training school such as Jomil Driving School or the Alabama DMV office to learn more about the minimum age requirement for driving in Alabama.
Can I take Jomil Driving School's driver training course before taking a Harvest Alabama drivers education classroom course or online course?
It depends on what Alabama's laws say.  However, you should know that most states will require teen-aged, first-time drivers to complete both a drivers education classroom course (which are approximately 30 hours in length, depending on Alabama's laws) or an approved online course, plus a state-approved behind-the-wheel training course.  We recommend that you contact Jomil Driving School directly to see if they offer either (or both) of these courses.
Does Jomil Driving School provide a driver training course like the one that is required by the State of Alabama? I need to complete one in order to obtain my driver license.
Jomil Driving School offers behind-the-wheel training courses which are approved by the Alabama DMV.  You may want to contact Jomil Driving School directly for more information about their courses and how to go about signing up for one.
Exactly what type of driver education do I need in Harvest Alabama before I can get my Alabama driver's license?
The prerequisites for getting a driver's licenses vary from state to state, however most states now require teen-agers who are looking to get their first driver's license to complete a drivers education classroom course as well as a driver training course.  We suggest that you contact a local driver training company such as Jomil Driving School and ask if they offer a Alabama-approved  behind-the-wheel training course which would meet Alabama's driver's education requirements.
Is it necessary for me to take a behind-the-wheel training course in order to get my first Alabama driver's license?
Yes, it is.  All teen-aged drivers applying for their first driver's license in Alabama must complete a state-approved behind-the-wheel training course.
Is it possible to enroll in a Alabama-approved driver training course before I obtain my Alabama instruction permit?
It depends on what the specific laws are in Alabama, however most states require first-time drivers to receive an learners permit before registering for a behind-the-wheel training course.  We recommend you contact a driving school such as Jomil Driving School to obtain more information.