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Hot Wheels Driving School
2520 NW 39th Terrace
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Hot Wheels Driving SchoolFAQ's

How do I know if Hot Wheels Driving School is licensed by Oklahoma's DMV to offer driver training courses?
While we do include Hot Wheels Driving School's contact information in our driving school directory, we cannot say with certainty as to whether Hot Wheels Driving School is certified by the State of Oklahoma.  We recommend that you either contact Hot Wheels Driving School directly or possibly the Oklahoma DMV to find out if Hot Wheels Driving School is a licensed driver training school.
Is it true that my mom or dad can be my driving instructor when I do my driver training instead of a professional driving school instructor like the ones they have at Hot Wheels Driving School?
It depends on what your state's laws are.  You should contact the Oklahoma DMV or a licensed driver training school like Hot Wheels Driving School to find out if Oklahoma allows driver training with a parent.
I can't operate a stick-shift. Will Hot Wheels Driving School allow me to complete my driver training on an automatic-shift vehicle?
We recommend that you contact Hot Wheels Driving School and ask them if you can do your behind-the-wheel training using a vehicle that has an automatic shift before enrolling in their behind-the-wheel training course.
I live in a very remote area, where there are mountains and a lot of dirt roads. Do you know if Hot Wheels Driving School teaches students how to drive in rural areas like where I live instead of just driving on smooth, paved roads in urban areas?
Since you live in a remote area, a local driving school such as Hot Wheels Driving School will tailor your driver training to handle the conditions in your area.  
Now that I'm 14, will Oklahoma allow me to get a learner's permit to drive?
Not likely.  Most states require residents to be at least 15 or 15 1/2 years old before applying for a learner's permit.  We recommend that your contact the Oklahoma DMV office or a Oklahoma-approved driving school such as Hot Wheels Driving School to learn more about the minimum driving age requirement in Oklahoma.
Do I have to complete a Oklahoma City Oklahoma drivers education classroom course or online course before registering for one of Hot Wheels Driving School's behind-the-wheel training courses?
Each state has its own laws, but most states will require first-time drivers to take both a behind-the-wheel training course plus either a drivers education classroom course (which are about 30 hours in length) or an approved online drivers education course.  You may want to ask Hot Wheels Driving School if they offer one or both programs.
Oklahoma's DMV has told me that I need to take a behind-the-wheel training course. Do you know if Hot Wheels Driving School offers this course or not?
Hot Wheels Driving School does offer the driver training course that Oklahoma requires all new teen-aged drivers to take.  For more information about the courses Hot Wheels Driving School offers, we recommend that you contact Hot Wheels Driving School directly.
How do I obtain a drivers license in Oklahoma City Oklahoma?
In most states, pre-licensed teens are required to complete both a classroom drivers education course and a behind-the-wheel training course.  Hot Wheels Driving School may be able to help you meet the driver training portion in Oklahoma. 
Is there a law in Oklahoma that requires me to take behind-the-wheel training in order to get my driver's license?
Yes.  State law in Oklahoma mandates that all teen-agers successfully complete an approved behind-the-wheel training course before receiving a Oklahoma driver's license.
Do I need to have my instruction permit before I enroll in a behind-the-wheel training course like the one that Hot Wheels Driving School offers?
You will need to contact Hot Wheels Driving School or the Oklahoma DMV to find out if you are allowed to enroll in a driving school like Hot Wheels Driving School before receiving your Oklahoma instruction permit.

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