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Eagle 1 Driving School
405 Stemmers Run Rd, Ste 2
Essex, MD 21221
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Eagle 1 Driving SchoolFAQ's

Is Eagle 1 Driving School licensed by the Maryland DMV to offer driver training courses?
Although we include Eagle 1 Driving School in our directory of driving schools for Essex Maryland, we cannot make any assurances about whether or not Eagle 1 Driving School is certified by the Maryland DMV.  You should contact Eagle 1 Driving School directly and ask them if you are thinking about registering for their Essex Maryland behind-the-wheel training class.
Somebody told me that I can skip out of attending a driver training school if my parents give me behind-the-wheel training instead. Is that permissible in Maryland?
Each state has its own laws regarding driver training.  Some states will allow parentally-supervised driver training as a substitute for taking a behind-the-wheel training course which is taught by a professional driving instructor.  However, not all states allow this.  You should contact the Maryland DMV to find out for sure.
I have no clue how to drive a manual-shift vehicle. What happens if Eagle 1 Driving School makes me train on a stick-shift vehicle?
Considering the fact you are a brand new driver, you probably don't know much about operating ANY type of vehicle....stick OR automatic!  If you prefer to do your behind-the-wheel training with an automatic-shift vehicle, you may want to call Eagle 1 Driving School and let them know before you sign up to take their driver training course.  That way you'll know for certain whether Eagle 1 Driving School can accommodate you before you pay them any money.
I live in a rural area, that has a lot of dirt roads and bumpy terrain. Will Eagle 1 Driving School train me how to drive in BOTH city AND rural environments?
If you live in a rural area, chances are very good that a local driver training school like Eagle 1 Driving School will want you to be taught how to drive safely on the local area's terrain.
Can 14-year-olds obtain learner's permits to drive in Maryland?
Most states have set the minimum age for applying for an instruction permit at 15 or 15 1/2.  However, some states do allow 14-year-olds to obtain a learner's permit.  You may want to contact the Maryland DMV or a Maryland-approved driver training school like Eagle 1 Driving School to find out what the minimum age to drive is in Maryland.
Do you know if the laws in Maryland require new teen-aged drivers to enroll in a behind-the-wheel training course in addition to a driver ed classroom or online course?
The laws vary from state to state, but many states do require you to successfully complete a behind-the-wheel training course with "hands-on" practice in addition to a driver ed classroom or online course.
If I need to sign up to take a Essex Maryland driver training program, can Eagle 1 Driving School help?
Yes.  Eagle 1 Driving School offers driving instruction in Essex Maryland.  For more information about the type of driver training Eagle 1 Driving School offers and the training schedule, you should contact them directly.
How do I get a drivers license in Essex Maryland?
In most states, pre-licensed teens are required to complete both a classroom safe driving course and a driver training course.  Eagle 1 Driving School may be able to help you meet the driver training portion in Maryland. 
I live in Essex Maryland and would like to apply for my first driver's license. Do I need to take a driver training course before I can be licensed?
Maryland law requires that all new drivers enroll in an approved driver training program before receiving their Maryland driver's license.  Eagle 1 Driving School may offer a behind-the-wheel training course that you are looking for.  Please contact Eagle 1 Driving School directly for complete information as to what types of behind-the-wheel training courses they offer.
Is it possible to enroll in a Maryland-approved driver training course before I obtain my Maryland instruction permit?
It depends on what the specific laws are in Maryland, however most states require first-time drivers to receive a learners permit before signing up for a behind-the-wheel training course.  We recommend you contact a driving school such as Eagle 1 Driving School to obtain more information.

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