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Drivers Edge Driving SchoolFAQ's

Since Drivers Edge Driving School is listed on your website, does this mean they are approved by the Illinois DMV to offer driver training courses?
The list of driver training schools on our webpage is provided as a convenience to our customers only.  We CANNOT guarantee that every single school listed is fully-certified by the Illinois DMV.  You may want to call Drivers Edge Driving School directly to find out if they offer a state-certified behind-the-wheel training course.
Is it true that my mom or dad can be my driving instructor when I do my behind-the-wheel training instead of a professional driver training school instructor like the ones they have at Drivers Edge Driving School?
It depends on what your state's laws are.  You should contact the Illinois DMV or a licensed driving school like Drivers Edge Driving School to find out if Illinois allows driver training with a parent.
I can't operate a manual-shift. Will Drivers Edge Driving School allow me to do my behind-the-wheel training on an automatic-shift vehicle?
We recommend that you contact Drivers Edge Driving School and ask them if you can do your behind-the-wheel training using a vehicle that has an automatic shift before enrolling in their behind-the-wheel training course.
I live in a very rural area, where there are mountains and a lot of unpaved roads. Do you know if Drivers Edge Driving School teaches students how to drive in rural areas like where I live instead of just driving on smooth, paved roads in urban areas?
Since you live in a remote area, a local driving school such as Drivers Edge Driving School will tailor your driver training to handle the conditions in your area.  
Are 14-year-olds permitted to apply for a instruction permit in Illinois?
Although a few states allow teen-agers to begin practicing how to drive at 14, most states have set the minimum age for which to hold a learner's permit at either 15 or 15½.  You will need to contact the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or a certified driving instruction company like Drivers Edge Driving School to find out what the minimum age for driving is in Illinois. 
Do I have to take a Belvidere Illinois classroom or online drivers education course before I can sign up to take a driver training course through Drivers Edge Driving School?
This requirement varies from state to state but most states do require new teen-aged drivers to take BOTH a classroom-based driver education course (generally 30 hours in length) AND a driver training course.  You should ask Drivers Edge Driving School if they offer one or both programs.
I have to complete a behind-the-wheel class in Belvidere Illinois before Illinois will give me my driver's license. Does Drivers Edge Driving School offer this type of course?
Drivers Edge Driving School does offer the driver training course in Belvidere Illinois that is required by the State of Illinois.  You will need to contact Drivers Edge Driving School directly for more information about the driver courses they offer and their class schedules.
What do I need to do to obtain a driver's license in Belvidere Illinois?
It depends on Illinois's laws, but most states require new, teen-aged drivers to register for a safe driving classroom course as well as a driver training course.  You may want to call Drivers Edge Driving School to see if they offer the driver training course that would satisfy the regulations set forth by the Illinois DMV.
Is a driver training course a prerequisite in Belvidere Illinois for me to get a drivers license?
The law in Illinois requires that all drivers complete a driver training program as part of their driver education.  You should contact Drivers Edge Driving School directly to find out about the types of courses they offer.
Am I required to receive my learner's permit in Illinois before I am permitted to register for a behind-the-wheel training course like the one Drivers Edge Driving School gives its students?
Laws vary from state to state, however most states do require that you hold an instruction permit before you can sign up to take a driver training course like the one that Drivers Edge Driving School gives its students.