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Defensive Driving Courses, Inc.FAQ's

Are all the driving schools listed on your website fully-accredited by the Tennessee DMV to offer driver training courses in Tennessee?
The driving school directory on our website is for your convenience only, and we cannot absolutely guarantee that every driving school listed is currently certified to offer driving training courses in Tennessee.  We suggest you contact the Tennessee DMV to make sure a particular driver training school is certified before you sign up to take their driver training course.
Somebody told me that I can skip out of attending a driver training school if my parents give me behind-the-wheel training instead. Is that permissible in Tennessee?
Each state has its own laws regarding driver training.  Some states will allow parentally-supervised driver training as a substitute for taking a driver training course which is taught by a professional driving instructor.  However, not all states allow this.  You should contact the Tennessee DMV to find out for sure.
Do you know if Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. will let me complete my behind-the-wheel training using an automatic-shift vehicle? I don't know anything about using a manual-shift.
Considering you're a brand new driver, you probably don't know a whole lot about driving ANY type of vehicle, be it a manual OR an automatic!  Nevertheless, if you have a preference, you probably should contact Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. and see if they can accommodate you before signing up to take their driver training course.
I live in a small rural community, where there are a lot of small, unpaved roads. Will my driver training with Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. include being taught how to drive in rural areas? Or do they just offer training for urban driving?
Most local driving schools will likely want their students to be taught how to drive safely in the local area.  Therefore, chances are good that the driver training you receive from Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. will include handling unpaved roads and mountain driving.
If I'm 14, can I get a driver's permit to drive in Tennessee?
Possibly.  However, you should be aware that most states require you to be at least 15½ years old before you can get a learner's permit.  We recommend that you contact the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or a licensed driving school such as Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. to find out exactly what the minimum age requirement is in Tennessee.
Is taking a drivers education course in a classroom or online sufficient in Knoxville Tennessee or do I also have to take a driver training class with a professional driving instructor?
It depends on what the Tennessee's laws require, but many states do mandate that new, young drivers to take a driver training class with a professional driving instructor as well as a drivers education classroom or online course.
I'm required to take a driver training course in Knoxville Tennessee. Do you know if Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. offers defensive driving classes in Knoxville Tennessee?
Yes, Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. does offer defensive driving courses in Knoxville Tennessee.  For more information about their class schedule and how/when to sign up for one of their behind-the-wheel training courses, please contact Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. directly.
What do I need to do to get a Tennessee drivers license in Knoxville Tennessee?
Most states require that teen-agers who are applying for their first driver's license complete both a safe driving classroom course and a driver training course.  Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. may be able to help you meet the driver training portion in Tennessee.  Please contact Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. for more information. 

What are the laws in Tennessee concerning driver training courses? Do I have to take one to get my driver's license?
Yes, you do.  Tennessee law states that new drivers successfully complete an approved driver training course as a prerequisite to getting their first driver's license. 
Is it possible to sign up to take a Tennessee-certified driver training course before I obtain my Tennessee instruction permit?
It depends on what the specific laws are in Tennessee, however most states require first-time drivers to receive a learners permit before registering for a driver training course.  We recommend you contact a driving school such as Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. to obtain more information.