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In most states, pre-licensed teenagers are required to pass a written examination at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TLDR) in order to get their learner's permit. 92% of students do not pass the written exam on their first attempt.

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When you order Prep Wizard™, you'll have instant online access to hundreds of REAL DMV QUESTIONS, at varying degrees of difficulty, designed to prepare you for the DMV written exam.

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This comprehensive learning tool is broken up into 4 different stages of preparation:

DMV Exam Prep Assessment Mode Assessment Mode:
This is the first step in your exam preparation. Once you have completed an entire set of questions you will get a detailed diagnostic score report that lists your strengths and weaknesses.
DMV Exam Prep Specialized Mode Specialized Mode:
This section is one of your greatest tools. Here, Prep Wizard™ will strengthen your overall performance on exams by giving you short quizzes in your areas of weakness.
DMV Exam Prep Intense Mode Intense Mode:
This section prepares you to take a full-length exam. Here you will take a full-length exam while we keep track of your time. If you miss too many questions or if your time exceeds the allotted time, you will keep taking the exam in Intense Mode until you improve your accuracy and speed.
DMV Exam Prep Exam Mode Exam Mode:
You're ready to take the exam under simulated exam conditions. You will have three hours and fifteen minutes to answer 150 questions of each exam. We recommend that you take as many exams as necessary in the Exam Mode until you consistently score 80% or higher on these practice exams.
Why leave it to chance? Prepare yourself for one of the most important tests of your life with Prep Wizard™.
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