Wyoming Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*Fifteen Years is the Minimum Age for a Learner’s Permit
*Six Months is the Holding Period for a Learner’s Permit
*Sixteen Years is the Age Minimum for an Intermediate Driver’s License
*Road Test Can be Waived with Completed Driver’s Education Certificate
*There is a minimum of fifty hours of supervised driving required which includes night driving with an experienced driver, who is at least eighteen years old with a current driver’s license, and is also approved by the parent or other guardian.
*The unsupervised rules for intermediate licensing for drivers means they cannot drive without supervision from the hours between eleven at night to five in the morning unless they are driving to or from school, organized sports activities, work or a medical emergency.
*Passenger rules for intermediate license holders means they can carry only one person who is not a family member under eighteen years old unless there is a qualified supervising driver in the car. Also, all passengers in the car must be wearing a seat belt.
*Other Wyoming online drivers ed classes are required to gain a full license for applicants under the age of seventeen.

Step 1: First study for the written test for a learner’s permit by using the practice tests at no charge.
Step 2: Locate the driver’s licensing office and make an appointment to take the written exam. It is possible to walk-in without an appointment, but there may be a waiting period.
Step 3: Take the written test for the learner’s permit.
Step 4: Practice driving following all the rules to gain experience.
Step 5: Take the driver’s test. This test might be waived with a driver’s education certificate.