Wisconsin Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*Learner’s permit requirements: minimum age fifteen and a half years.
*There’s a 6 month permit holding period
*Driver’s license requirements: minimum 16-years-old
*A road test is necessary
*Supervised driving: a minimum of 30 hours which includes at least 10 hours of night time driving. The driving instructor must hold a valid driver’s license, must be at least 21, and must be holding his license for a period of at least two years. However, if he is a certified driving instructor or your spouse, he can be younger than 21 but no younger than 19. The instructor must also have written permission from your guardian.
*Unsupervised Driving: For the first nine months after obtaining the license, the licensed minor drivers are not allowed to drive between 12 midnight to 5 am in the morning.
*Passenger Rules: For the first nine months after receiving the license, one is not allowed to carry no more than one non-relative in the vehicle.

Step 1: Start a driver education program with Wisconsin online drivers ed
Step 2: You need to sit for a learner’s permit written exam. Prepare for the exam by using our free tests.
Step 3: Schedule a date for learner permit exam at the driver’s license office.
Step 4: Take the exam
Step 5: Practice driving once you obtain your permit
Step 6: Take the final driving exam