West Virginia Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*15 years or older for Learner’s Permit
*16 years or older and Learner’s Permit held at least 6 months for Intermediate Driver’s License
*Mandatory road test
*50 hours of pre-Driver’s License driving, including 10 or more night hours while supervised by a licensed driver aged 21 or older with parental consent
*Intermediate Driver’s License holder may drive unsupervised only from 5AM to 10PM, unless required for employment, religious or school-related functions.
*Intermediate Driver’s License holders are prohibited from transporting passengers younger than 20 for 6 months immediately after licensure, except for immediate family members. For the next 6 months afterward, only one non-family passenger below the age of 20 may occupy the vehicle being operated.
*Driver’s Education is mandatory for all Driver’s License applicants below the age of 18.
*Text messaging and cell phone use by Learner’s permit and Intermediate Driver’s License holders while operating a vehicle is prohibited. Failure to comply with this law is a primary violation, and it may be the sole cause of a traffic stop and citation.

Step 1: Earn certification from our West Virginia online drivers ed course or other reputable training provider.
Step 2: Utilize Learners’ Permit test preparation with our free sample exams.
Step 3: Contact nearest Driver’s License facility to make an appointment for written testing.
Step 4: Pass Learners’ Permit test.
Step 5: Complete at least 40 hours of supervised driving during the day and 10 hours at night.
Step 6: Schedule and pass the written driving exam and road test.