Washington Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*Learner’s permit minimum age 15.5 years
*Holding period for learner’s permit 6 months
*Driver’s license minimum age 16 years
*Road Test is required
*Minimum number of driving hours under the supervision of a qualified driver is 50 hours (10 hours being night driving) – a supervised driver is basically any adult who has been licensed to drive for not less than 5 years.
*Intermediate license holders can only drive while unsupervised between 5:00am and 1:00am (they must be accompanied by a qualified supervising driver when driving between one and five in the morning.
*After getting your intermediate driver’s permit, you cannot carry non-family members who are less than 20 years old. However, you can carry a maximum of three non-family members in the car after six months.
*If you are 18-years-old or younger, you may need to take additional driver education courses like our Washington online drivers ed course.

Step 1: Go through the driver education program successfully
Step 2: Prepare for the written learner’s permit test using our free practice exams
Step 3: Make an appointment for the written exam at your local driver’s license office (you may be asked to wait some time if you decide to show up for the test without an appointment)
Step 4: Do the written learner’s permit exam
Step 5: Use your learner’s permit to practice driving
Step 6: Take the official DMV road test