Vermont Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*Minimum age is 15 years for learner’s permit
*Holding period for learner’s permit is 12 months (a clear driving record must be maintained for a 6 month period prior to submission of application for a junior operator’s license).
*Minimum age is 16 years for a driver’s license
*A road test is mandatory
*Minimum amount of hours of supervised driving practice is 40, which must include 10 hours night driving. It also has to be completed with a driving instructor that is qualified (this means an adult that is at least 25 years of age, is the holder of a valid driver’s license, and has received approval from your parent or guardian to watch while you drive).
*Unsupervised rules for driving with junior operator’s license holders: Restrictions exist for unsupervised driving with passengers in the first six months of receiving the license. The section “Passenger Rules” contains more details.
*According to Passenger Rules, holders of a Junior operator’s license are not permitted to travel with any passengers during the initial three months of being licensed, unless they are driving under the supervision of a qualified driver in the vehicle. During the following three months, you are allowed to transport family members only without any supervision. These restrictions are lifted once the first six months have passed. You are not allowed at any time to transport more people, than the number of seat belts available in the vehicle.
*For license applicants 18 years and younger, other driver education is required. Licensed minors are not permitted to operate an automobile as a part of their job function for the 1st year of having a license (for example, until you have had your license for one (1) complete year, you could not get a job as a pizza delivery person).

Step 1: Obtain a drivers education certificate
Step 2: Use our free practice tests to study for the written learner’s permit exam
Step 3: Schedule an appointment to take the written exam after finding a driver license office (If you show up without an appointment, chances are that you may have to wait for some time)
Step 4: Take the Required Learner’s Written Exam
Step 5: Practice behind-the-wheel with your learner’s permit
Step 6: Take the final driver’s exam