South Dakota Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*A learner permit can be obtained at age 14 years, three months, if an approved driver training course has been completed. Otherwise, age 14 years, six months is the standard age for a learner permit. This is a restricted permit that allows new drivers to be in a vehicle with a licensed driver for training purposes.
*A written exam is required to obtain a learner’s permit in South Dakota. This allows a teen driver to practice with a parent in the car. It is a great way to learn practical application of road rules and driving concepts.
*There are plenty of tools available through South Dakota online drivers ed courses, that can prepare young drivers for the written exam, and at the appropriate age, for the driving road test and actual driver license.
*At sixteen, a driver can schedule a road driving test, to obtain an operator’s license. However, certain conditions must be met. The potential licensee must take an approved driver’s education course and pass, must be sixteen years of age, and must have obtained a restricted minor permit at least six months prior to the road test.
*Though online programs are available, they are designed as learning tools and do not substitute actual driver education training, which includes actual driving time with an instructor.

Step 1: Get your drivers ed certificate
Step 2: Our practice tests will prepare you for the real learner’s permit exam
Step 3: Pass the test using what you learned in online South Dakota drivers education
Step 4: Practice behind-the-wheel with a license, eligible adult
Step 5: Receive your restricted permit after taking a driver exam
Step 6: Six months later you can obtain your full driver’s license