Oklahoma Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*Drivers ed is mandatory for 15-year-olds who want their permit.
*You are able to apply for a learner’s permit when you are 15½.
*You are eligible for a driver’s license once you turn 16-years-old.
*You must complete 50 hours of supervised driving, including 10 hours at night.
*You must use your learner’s permit for at least 6 months.
*At 18 you’re eligible for an unrestricted Class D driver’s license.
*For 6 months, intermediate licensed drivers can only drive between the hours of 5:00am to 10:00pm unsupervised.
*For 6 months, intermediate licensed drivers may only carry one passenger, unless they live in your home or you have a passenger who is over 21-years-old or older.

Step 1: Make DriverEdToGo.com your first stop by signing up for our online OK drivers ed course.
Step 2: In your own time, on your own devices, complete our online course. Finish up by taking the final exam.
Step 3: Head to your local driver’s license office because it’s time to take the actual DPS written exam. You should be ready!
Step 4: Pass the DPS written test with flying colors and earn your learner’s permit! Time to jump into a car with a driving instructor or licensed adult over the age of 21.
Step 5: You’re learning the basics of driving. Practice and log your hours!
Step 6: 6 months of training has flown by and now it’s time for the DPS driving test to finally get your license.
Step 7: You’re officially a driver. Remember that your education doesn’t stop here. Be safe and continue to learn how to be a safer motorist.