New Jersey Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*Learner’s Permit: minimum age for application is 16 years
*Holding the permit for at least 6 months plus practicing driving with someone above 21 and with a valid driver’s license
*Supervised driving: As long as you enroll for a certified New Jersey online drivers ed school, you do not need any other supervised driving.
*Provisional driver’s license: Minimum age 17 years
*Road test is mandatory
*Unsupervised Driving Regulations: Exam permit and learner’s permit holders can only drive in company with a qualified driver who must be seated in the front seat of the vehicle.
*Passenger Rules: You can only carry dependants/guardian/parents with a provisional license and only another passenger who is not family. However, if your parents or guardian are accompanying you, you may take more passengers.
*Applicants under 16 needs to be enrolled to a behind-the-wheel driving course. Ones above 17 do not need this.

Step 1: Enroll for an approved behind-the-wheel program
Step 2: Prepare for Learner’s Permit Exam
Step 3: Head to your local driver’s license office and schedule an exam date
Step 4: Sit for the written Learner Permit Exam
Step 5: Obtain learner permit and practice driving
Step 6: Take the Full Driver’s License Exam