Montana Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*The candidate needs to be at least fifteen years old for a Learner’s Permit (or around 14 and a half years old if they are attending a sanctioned driver’s course like Montana online drivers ed).
*The candidate should hold a Learner’s Permit for six months.
*The candidate must accomplish fifty hours of driving with at least ten hours of night driving under the supervision of an eligible driver. The driver must have a license and is at least 18 years old.
*Candidates are qualified for a driver’s license if they are at least fifteen years old, finished a driving course and have their learner’s permit for six months.
*The candidate needs a Road Test.
*Drivers with a First-year driver’s license cannot drive unsupervised from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM except for attending work, church, or school-related activities. (Police officers are entitled to call the driver’s parents to confirm the reasons for driving during restricted hours)
*Except under supervision by an eligible driver in the front passenger’s seat, minors that only have their license for six months can have one non-family passenger that is less than eighteen years old. In the next six months, the driver can have at most three non-family passengers that are less than eighteen years old but only with the supervising driver at the front passenger’s seat.
*Candidates can enroll at a certified driver’s course to get their learner’s permit. Candidates that do not take a course can only get their license when they turn sixteen.

Step 1: Get a driver’s education certificate
Step 2: Train for the written Learner’s Permit Exam with our free training exams
Step 3: Arrange an appointment with a driver’s license office (they also accept walk-ins but it will take time)
Step 4: Accomplish the Learner’s Permit Written Test
Step 5: Improve your driving with the Learner’s Permit
Step 6: Do the Driving Test