Maryland Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*Learner’s Permit minimum age, 15 years 9 months
*Learner’s permit holding duration, 9 months
*60 hours plus 10 hours night supervised driving. The supervisor must be someone above age 21 and have had a driving license and experience for at least 3 years.
*To get a driver’s license, one must be a minimum of 16 years and 6 months.
*There will be a road test
*Driving without the instructor or supervisor as stipulated in Unsupervised Driving Rules, 18 years and below may drive alone between 5 am and 12 midnight hours.
*Passenger Rules for under 18 years license holders directs them not to carry non-family members for the first 5 months of receiving a driver’s license unless under supervision.

Step 1: Study for the written Learner Permit exam on Maryland online drivers ed
Step 2: Book an appointment at a Maryland driver license office for written exam
Step 3: Do the written learner’s permit exam
Step 4: Drive with your learner’s permit to practice
Step 5: Take the DMV driving exam