Maine Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*Anyone who applies for a learner’s permit must be aged fifteen or over
*A learner’s permit should be held for a period of six months
*A minimum of thirty five hours supervised driving is mandatory (this includes five hours night driving)
*Complete the driver’s education test to hold a driver’s license at 16. Those who have not completed the driver’s education test cannot hold a license until they are 18. Study for the driver’s test at Maine online drivers ed
*Drivers will have to undergo a road test
*The unsupervised driving rules state that provisional driving license holders under the age of eighteen cannot drive between midnight and five am. However, they can drive outside of these hours alone if accompanied by a close member of the family. Supervised licensed drivers aged twenty or above should be in attendance when transporting non-family members as passengers in the first one hundred and eighty days after gaining the license.
*Under passenger rules, provisional drivers under the age of eighteen are not allowed to transport people (except for immediate family members) for the initial one hundred and eighty days after gaining their driver’s license. However, they may carry other passengers if a licensed driver over the age of eighteen sits in the front seat to supervise.
*Applicants under the age of eighteen will be expected to undertake Maine online drivers ed.

Step 1: Get a driver’s education certificate
Step 2: Use the free practice tests to study for the written learner permit examination
Step 3: Locate the nearest driver’s license office and book an appointment for the written examination. Be prepared to spend some time waiting.
Step 4: Undertake the written examination for the learner’s permit after studying at Maine online drivers ed.
Step 5: Do plenty of practice driving when you have been granted the learner’s permit
Step 6: Undertake the driving examination