Florida Driver License Requirements at-a-glance:

*The minimum age for a permit is 15-years-old.
*The learner’s permit must be held for one year, during which the learner may not commit any traffic offenses.
*The learner must complete fifty hours of supervised driving time, ten of which must be night time driving.
*The minimum age for a driver’s license is 16-years-old.
*A road test will be required for all new licenses.
*Once a 16-year-old obtains a driver’s license, they must follow some specific rules. They must have supervision if they are driving between 11 pm and 6 am. Those who are 17 years old must drive with supervision between 1 am and 5 am. The individual who is supervising the teen must be over 21 and hold a current driver’s license.
*Another rule that new drivers must follow is that they may not have passengers in the car unless there is a passenger in the front seat who is 21 years or older and has a current drivers license.

Step 1: Before taking the written exam for either a permit or a license, it is a good idea to complete a Florida online drivers ed program
Step 2: Prepare for the official written exam at a driver’s license office. Our program will help make sure you are ready to pass the written test as well as teaching you some important driving rules.
Step 3: Take the DMV written test
Step 4: Use your permit to practice driving
Step 5: Pass the DMV driving test