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When teens are first learning to drive, they are highly receptive to important messages about the dangers of unsafe driving and driving while intoxicated. That is why it is so important for parents to get involved at this initial stage to ensure proper and thorough education to help set ground rules and instill good driving habits, as their teen takes on the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle.

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Course Syllabus

Course Duration

The online course is self-timed and students may start-and-stop the course as needed. Our software will track the student's progress so that when they log-out they can log in later and pick up exactly where they left off in the course.

Final Exam

The final exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions and may be taken as many times as necessary until the student has scored 85% (34 out of 40 questions correct) or better.


Once a student has completed the course, we will send them official DMV form DL400c. This form must be presented at a DMV in order to apply for a learner's permit and before a student may enroll with a "behind-the-wheel" driving school to learn how to drive a car.


  1. 1
    1.1 DMV Legal Notice and Disclaimer
    1.2 Driving Is a Responsibility
    1.3 License to Drive: A Privilege
    1.4 A Motor Vehicle Is a Weapon
    1.5 Park Responsibly
    1.6 Obey the Law
    1.7 Sharing the Road with Others
    1.8 The Importance of Driver Education
    1.9 History of the Automobile
    1.10 Eco-Conscious Driving
    1.11 Summary
  2. 2
    2.1 The Driver
    2.2 The Physiology of the Driver
    2.3 Vision
    2.4 Vision and Your Vehicle
    2.5 Hearing
    2.6 Physical Conditions
    2.7 Psychological Nature of the Driver
    2.8 Emotional and Physical Conditions
    2.9 Inattentiveness
    2.10 Exhibition and Irresponsibility
    2.11 Summary
  3. 3
    3.1 Natural Forces Affecting the Driver
    3.2 Natural Laws and Driving a Vehicle
    3.3 The Force of Gravity
    3.4 Inertia and Energy
    3.5 The Force of Friction
    3.6 Centrifugal and Centripetal Force
    3.7 Force of Impact
    3.8 Summary
  4. 4
    4.1 Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings
    4.2 Recognizing Traffic-Control Signals
    4.3 Traffic Signs
    4.4 Traffic Sign Colors
    4.5 Traffic Sign Shapes
    4.6 Traffic Lights
    4.7 Flashing Signals
    4.8 Crossings Requiring Special Stops
    4.9 Pavement and Curb Markings
    4.10 Additional Pavement Markings
    4.11 Summary
  5. 5
    5.1 Vehicle Code and Rules of the Road
    5.2 Driver's License
    5.3 Driver's License Requirements
    5.4 Automobile Ownership
    5.5 Traffic Laws
    5.6 Bicycles
    5.7 Lights
    5.8 Seat Belts
    5.9 Financial Responsibility
    5.10 Automobile Equipment
    5.11 Criminal Offenses
    5.12 Summary
  6. 6
    6.1 Causes and Costs of Accidents
    6.2 Faulty Driver Performance
    6.3 Various Driving Conditions
    6.4 Accident Avoidance and Prevention
    6.5 Procedures When in Accidents
    6.6 Financial Responsibilities
    6.7 Summary
  7. 7
    7.1 Urban and Rural Driving
    7.2 Urban Driving Conditions
    7.3 Freeway Driving
    7.4 Driving on Open Highways
    7.5 Passing
    7.6 Hazardous Conditions
    7.7 Summary
  8. 8
    8.1 Critical Vehicle Systems
    8.2 Construction of the Automobile
    8.3 Safety Equipment
    8.4 Maintenance of the Automobile
    8.5 Calculating Costs
    8.6 Summary
  9. 9
    9.1 Teen Risk Taking & Risk Perception
    9.2 Youthful Risk Taking
    9.3 Risk Perception by Young Drivers
    9.4 Summary
  10. 10
    10.1 Pedestrian Safety
    10.2 As a Pedestrian
    10.3 As a Driver
    10.4 Avoiding Collisions with Animals
    10.5 Summary
  11. 11
    11.1 Motorcycle Safety
    11.2 Sharing the Road with Motorcycles
    11.3 Riding a Motorcycle
    11.4 Ride Defensively
    11.5 Riding as a Passenger
    11.6 Summary
  12. 12
    12.1 Effects of Alcohol and Drugs
    12.2 Alcohol
    12.3 Drugs
    12.4 Availability of Drugs
    12.5 Drug Actions Within the Body
    12.6 Avoiding Driving while Intoxicated
    12.7 Avoiding the Intoxicated Driver
    12.8 Summary
  13. 13
    13.1 Substance Abuse
    13.2 Illegal for Under 21 to Use Alcohol
    13.3 Statistics
    13.4 Cycle of Abuse
    13.5 Legalities
    13.6 Summary
  14. 14
    14.1 Driving Inexperience
    14.2 Inexperience vs. Immaturity
    14.3 Predicting Other Drivers' Reactions
    14.4 Summary
  15. 15
    15.1 Road Rage
    15.2 Anger Management
    15.3 Statistics
    15.4 Summary
  16. 16
    16.1 Final Exam
    16.2 Final Exam Instructions


Torrance Drivers Ed Online!

Are you a teenager who is trying to get started with driving? Well, is here to help with online drivers ed! If you are between the ages of 15 and a half and 18, and want to participate in one of the best California drivers education online courses, we have you covered. Online drivers ed has never been easier! Our course is done completely online so that you can receive your teen drivers education in the least stressful way possible. Teen drivers education, after all, is important for your adult life.

  • Excellent customer service
  • Approved by the California DMV
  • Accessed on any device
  • Fun, easy, and interactive
  • Instance processing of your certificate

How Does Torrance Online Drivers Ed Work?

As our course is always going to be done solely online, you will never have to take any traditional classes. This means that your California drivers education online course will consist of the same information you would receive across 30 hours in a classroom situated learning course. However, our courses consist of 16 different lessons that sums all of this up. We make sure that you are able to easily log and create your own schedule, and that there are not strict times in which you must do this. You are also guided by sophisticated teen drivers education systems so that you get the maximum knowledge from each course.

The final Torrance drivers ed online exam is what this all leads up to. However, you will notice that several quizzes are given to you throughout the exam. This ensures that your knowledge is as good as it can get, and that you have the best chance to pass. Do not fret, though, as you have an unlimited number of times to pass this online driver ed course. This is also never going to be a boring course that you would expect in a lecture type scenario. We do our best to ensure it is fun and interactive. We offer games, videos to watch, fun driving simulations and also drills to keep you on your toes.

How Do You Start Torrance Driver Ed Online?

First, you must sign up for an online drivers education course. This must be one that is California DMV approved, so take your time. After this, you will need to do a good bit of studying. This can be done from your own computer or device, and on your own time, thus giving you the best chance to succeed. However, this will turn out to be 30 hours of research and work. The final part of this will be the actual exam that you take at the DMV! This is the reason you have worked so hard, and you need to give it your best shot.

A nice thing to consider with our course is that it enables you to use the DMV Prep Wizard. This helps you to prepare for the conditions of the exam, and a simulation that almost duplicated what you can expect from your written exam.

After you pass the entire exam, online and written at the DMV, you are going to be eligible to take the actual driving test. You must do this with an adult and driving instructor, and log the hours you put in, which gets you your permit. After this, you will take your actual road test. Passing this means you get your drivers license!

Is Torrance Drivers Ed Online Right For You?

This is important to ask yourself because you must be committed to doing this in order to get your license. It is exciting, but you will have a lot of questions. This is why our FAQ page is so helpful. You also have the option to live chat with a representative if you so desire. If you are ready for your California drivers education online, we would love to assist you.

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  • Azad M.
    Brilliant! Everything I needed in a quick and accessible format. Not too long, not too restrictive, and very very educational! Thanks a million!
  • Samantha P
    Your course is already very well done and I found the experience enjoyable with the games, gifs and visual aids you have provided. Thank You.
  • Andy H.
    The course was easy to navigate and had a lot of information to get me started on driving. Good system of quizzes, exams, and information.
  • Lydia L.
    Thanks! I learned a lot more than I did on my own. The videos and simulations made it extremely helpful and much more entertaining.

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