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When teens are first learning to drive, they are highly receptive to important messages about the dangers of unsafe driving and driving while intoxicated. That is why it is so important for parents to get involved at this initial stage to ensure proper and thorough education to help set ground rules and instill good driving habits, as their teen takes on the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle.

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Course Syllabus

Course Duration

This 30-hour online driver education course is timed, meaning a student must spend a minimum amount of time on each lesson page before going to the next page, and is also referred to as the "Joshua's Law" course.

Final Exam

The final exam is online and must be passed with a score of 85% or better. If a student fails to pass the final exam, he or she will have an unlimited number of chances to pass.


We will electronically notify the DDS of the student's completion information.


  1. 1
    1.1 Getting A License In Georgia
    1.2 Summary
  2. 2
    2.1 Georgia Rules of the Road
    2.2 Summary
  3. 3
    3.1 Signs, Signals, & Roadway Markings
    3.2 Summary
  4. 4
    4.1 Your Car's Basic Component Systems
    4.2 Summary
  5. 5
    5.1 Your Car--from the Driver's Seat
    5.2 Summary
  6. 6
    6.1 Seeing & Hearing From Driver's Seat
    6.2 Print This Page for Chapter Quiz
    6.3 Summary
  7. 7
    7.1 Ready, Set, Drive!
    7.2 Summary
  8. 8
    8.1 Driving and Physics
    8.2 Summary
  9. 9
    9.1 Processing the Scene
    9.2 Summary
  10. 10
    10.1 Backing Up, Turns, & Turnabouts
    10.2 Summary
  11. 11
    11.1 Parking and Passing
    11.2 Summary
  12. 12
    12.1 Basics of Different Types of Roads
    12.2 Summary
  13. 13
    13.1 Expressway Driving
    13.2 Summary
  14. 14
    14.1 Sharing the Road
    14.2 Summary
  15. 15
    15.1 Physical & Emotional Conditions
    15.2 Summary
  16. 16
    16.1 Legal &Illegal Substances & Driving
    16.2 Summary
  17. 17
    17.1 Driving In Adverse Conditions
    17.2 Summary
  18. 18
    18.1 What If Something Goes Wrong?
    18.2 Summary
  19. 19
    19.1 Driving to Minimize Risk
    19.2 Summary
  20. 20
    20.1 Responsibilities of Car Ownership
    20.2 Summary
  21. 21
    21.1 Trip Planning
    21.2 Summary
  22. 22
    22.1 Environmentally-Conscious Driving
    22.2 Summary
  23. 23
    23.1 Texting While Driving
    23.2 Summary


Georgia Online Driver Education and Online Driver Ed Courses

Welcome to Georgia’s preferred source for online drivers education courses —! Whether you’re applying for your Georgia learner’s permit or intermediate driver’s license, we’re here to help.

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Get Your License With Georgia Online Drivers Ed!

If you’re between the ages of 15 and 18, there is a “graduated driver license (GDL) program(”: in Georgia. Our course makes getting your permit or first time license easy. The GA drivers ed course is 100% online so you control the pace and log in and out whenever you want to complete the program on your own time. What are you waiting for? The road is ready for you.

What Do You Need to Get a Georgia Learner’s Permit?

At age 15, you’re finally eligible to apply for a Georgia learner’s permit. You’ll want to make an appointment at a nearby DMV to apply for your permit, and there are several things that you’ll want to bring with you.

  • Parent of Guardian Signed Consent Form
  • Required Identification
  • Proof of Your Residential Address
  • Social Security Card
  • Permit Fee – $10
  • Certificate of Attendance From Georgia DDS

After presenting these materials, you’ll be ready to move on to a few important tests.

  • Road Rule & Road Signs Exam
  • Vision Exam

If you made it past both those test, then you’ll receive your Georgia learner’s permit. The permit is valid for 2 years, but you can still only drive with someone who is over 21, licensed, and in your passenger seat. You can apply for your intermediate license, after holding your learner’s for one year.

What Do You Need to Get a Georgia Driver’s License?
You have to be 16 to be able to apply for your Class D Georgia license, and there are a few other requirements as well.

  • You must surrender your learner’s permit after holding it for 1 year and 1 day.
  • You must provide proof that you completed Georgia drivers ed.
  • Bring a copy of your Certificate of Completion.
  • Bring your social security card.
  • Bring proof of 40 hours of supervised driving experience with 6 hours at night.
  • Your parent or guardian should complete the Parent Teen Driving Guide.
  • Remember your Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program card.
  • Pay a $10 license fee.
  • Have your school notarize a Georgia DDS Certificate of Attendance.

Bring your parent/guardian, along with your learner’s permit and required materials to a Georgia DMV office. Now it’s time for a few more tests.

  • Vision Exam
  • The Official DDS Road Test

Make sure that the vehicle used in your road test is insured and registered. Pass those two test and you’ve finally received your first driver’s license in Georgia!

Georgia Intermediate License Restrictions

You may have your intermediate license, but there are still some restrictions that you need to remember.

  • With your learner’s permit, a licensed driver who is over the age of 21 must ride in the passenger seat at all times.
  • With your intermediate license, you can’t drive between Midnight and 6am unless there is a licensed driver in your passenger seat who is at least 21 years or older.
  • With your intermediate license, you can’t carry passengers that aren’t family for the first six months.
  • After six months with your intermediate license, you can drive one person who isn’t family and under the age of 21.
  • Once you’ve driven with your intermediate license for a year, you can carry 3 non-family members under 21.

All of these restrictions go away once you turn 18 and receive your Class C driver’s license as long as you haven’t had any serious traffic violations within the last year.
Minimum Georgia Auto Insurance Coverage & Penalties

Hopefully, you know that liability insurance coverage is required for any vehicle you drive. If you don’t have any insurance and you’re pulled over, you can be fined. If you’re involved in a wreck without insurance, you could have your Georgia learner’s permit or provisional license suspended.

Drunk Driving, Cell Phone, & Text Messaging, Laws in Georgia

New drivers in Georgia should be aware of the traffic laws that affect them most.
One of the most serious violations is a Georgia Dui (.08) conviction and these are the penalties:

  • Ten Days to One Year in Jail
  • Fines Between $500 – $1000
  • 1 Year Suspension of Your License
  • One Hundred Hours of Community Service

Any more DUI convictions will mean that you can get additional community service, fines, or jail time. You could even get your Georgia license revoked.
Currently there aren’t laws banning cellphone use in Georgia, but it is still dangerous.

Is Georgia Online Drivers Ed For You?

To learn more about Georgia approved driver education courses and how you can opt out of the road test by completing a Georgia drivers ed course visit the Georgia DDS site.

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