Wisconsin Online Driver Education and Online Driver Ed Courses

Long gone are the days when you sat through a boring class with a driver education teacher. Today you can count on DriverEdToGo.com. This is the most popular Wisconsin online drivers education course there is, guiding you through every aspect of obtaining your Department of Motor Vehicle learner’s permit.

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  • If you don’t complete the class, you don’t pay

Licensing Procedures and the Wisconsin Online Drivers Program

If you are starting this course you are more than likely in the process of applying for your Wisconsin Learner’s Permit or your first driver’s license in this state. In recent times Wisconsin has implemented the Graduated Driver License Program for drivers who are still in their teens. You should be as educated as possible to the laws and procedures that must be followed correctly during each step and process of the program.

Wisconsin Learner’s / Instruction Permit

An individual qualifies to submit an application for an instruction permit at 15½ years of age. Not only will you need to enroll in or have completed a program such as Driver Ed To Go, but your instructor must certify your permit application within 60 days of your receipt of your certification in order to proceed. One of your parents or a responsible legal guardian must then sign the application or you may locate a valid adult who meets the legal requirements in order to sponsor you. Finally, you must be sure to have all necessary documentation with you at the time of application, and the Instruction permit fee is currently $35.

Once you have actually submitted your application, you will proceed with tests to clarify your knowledge of the laws of the road as numerous other points. Your sight will be tested and you will also take an exam to see if you can identify highway signs. If you make it through all of this, you now have a Wisconsin driver’s instructional permit. Keep in mind at this point that you will be required to accumulate a specific amount of driving time under your belt. This can only be accomplished with a licensed instructor 19 years of age or older or a licensed driver over the age of 21 that has the consent of your parents. Any hours you accumulate during the practice times must be signed on an affidavit by the driver or drivers who accompanied you.

After the 6 month Instruction Permit ends, and depending on whether or not you have met a few other requirements, you are now ready for the Wisconsin Probationary Driver’s License.

The Probationary License

You have taken Wisconsin online drivers ed, and you have gone through the process of meeting the requirements for your instructional permit. Next, submit an application for your Wisconsin Probationary Driver’s License. The instructional permit you have been using must be completely free of any infractions when you apply for this next phase.

Requirements needed to earn a Probationary Driver’s License are completion of 30 hours of driving practice with 10 of those hours consisting of nighttime driving, your certificate of completion from DriverEdToGo.com, you must be 16 years of age, and finally, you must pay a driver’s license fee of $28.

Once again, another appointment is made at the DMV. Take every document you know you need, and double and triple check exactly what you need before you go. You must also have your old permit and be accompanied by the person responsible for you. You will take your driving test at this point. You will be nervous of course, but have faith in the abilities that have gotten you this far. Sure enough, you’ll pass, but remember that you will still have some restrictions on your license. The process isn’t finished yet.

For 9 months you will have to abide by the following restrictions:

  • Between midnight and 5 am there is to be no driving by the Probationary Licensed driver.
  • The exception is for work/school activities only.
  • Family members may ride with you, however, the licensed escort must have 2 years driving experience.
  • They may also be a driving instructor, over 21, or a spouse.

Wisconsin Insurance Laws

Insurance laws will vary in many different situations, but the bottom line is you must have it. Make sure you have the right amount of coverage for the realistic and legal level of risk. Liability insurance coverage in the state of Wisconsin is:

  • $10,000 for property damage for each accident
  • $25,000 for one person/bodily injury
  • $50,000 bodily injury for two or more people.

Do not be found without insurance! Insurance is of the utmost priority.

A couple of the most important laws of the road are ones most teen think are silly: texting and or drinking and driving. There should be no room for either of these at any time during your career on the road. By being aware, patient, courteous, and respectful of the law, you will have a long life behind the wheel.