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West Virginia Online Drivers Education / West Virginia Licensing Rules & Procedures

You’re to be congratulated for starting your application for a West Virginia Learner’s Permit or getting the ball rolling on your 1st West Virginia Driver’s License. West Virginia also features a Graduated Driver’s License Program aimed at teen drivers. Teens should keep a few things in mind as they make their application to obtain their 1st West Virginia license. To ensure that things go as smoothly as they can keep the following things in mind.

West Virginia Instruction Permit/West Virginia Learners Permit

At age 15, a teen can apply to get a West Virginia Instruction Permit. They have to meet some specific demands in order to make a valid application such as:

  • Show a Valid Passport or Certified Birth Certificate
  • Show Proof Of a Physical West Virginia Address
  • Pay a $5 W.Va. Instruction Permit Fee
  • Provide a Social Security Card/Number
  • Have The Signature of a Parent or Legal Guardian on the Application

Once these things have been secured, you can trek down to the local West Virginia DMV along with a parent or legal guardian and submit the application. Then you will need to take the written test. If you pass it, then Congratulations to you! You now hold a West Virginia Instruction Permit that is good until your 18th birthday!

Always remember that you are required to have someone with you when you practice your driving, and it has to be a driving instructor, parent, legal guardian, or another licensed driver who is age 21 or older. You are restricted to driving only between 5AM and 10PM and with only 2 non-family passengers besides the assisting supervising adult. Any or all passengers MUST WEAR SEAT-BELTS. You should have your West Virginia Learners Permit on your person any time you are behind the wheel. Texting or talking on cell phones is strictly PROHIBITED.

After holding your permit for at least six months and meeting the necessary requirements, you are prepared to take the next step and apply for the West Virginia Intermediate Drivers License.

West Virginia Provisional License or Intermediate Driver’s License

After holding your Instruction Permit for at least six months without incident, you will be eligible to apply for your West Virginia Intermediate Driver’s License. At that time you will be required to meet the following demands:

  • You Must be at Least 16 Years of Age
  • You Must Have Held Your W.Va. Instruction Permit For at Least Six Months
  • You Must Have Completed 50 Practice Hours With 10 of Them Being Done at Night
  • You Must Have a Parent or Legal Guardian Certify and Validate Your Completed Hours
  • You Cannot Have Had Any Traffic Violations During The Six Months Prior to Your Application

Once you have satisfied these demands, you can make your way down to the local DMV office once again. Be sure not to forget to take all your required documents along, a $5 fee, your permit, and a parent or legal guardian. It’s time for that stressful old road test! If you pass that, then super congrats to you! You just earned yourself an Intermediate Driver’s License in the state of West Virginia! Before you pat yourself on the back too hard, remember that there are still a few restrictions to adhere to.

Restrictions & Penalties on West Virginia Teen Drivers Licenses

Keep these things in mind when driving on a West Virginia Intermediate Drivers license:

  • Any And ALL Passengers MUST WEAR SEATBELTS
  • No Passengers Except Family, Under the Age of 20, For The First Six Months
  • During The Second Six Months, Not More Than ONE Passenger Under 20 (Family Excepted)
  • Texting or Cell Phone Talking PROHIBITED While Driving
  • No Driving between 10PM and 5AM Unless in The Case of Emergency, Going to or From Work, or For School or a Religious Activity

In West Virginia, receiving two moving violations is cause for license suspension until you reach the age of 18. But after turning 18 and having had a West Virginia Intermediate Drivers License for at least a year without incident, you will be eligible to apply to get a West Virginia Full Class E License – Restrictions REMOVED! Let FREEDOM RING!!!

Financial Responsibility and West Virginia Auto Insurance Laws

After receiving a West Virginia Provisional License, you are now ready to hit the road running, or are you? Not so fast. West Virginia’s insurance laws require drivers to carry no less than the minimum liability coverage on their vehicles. The following lays out what the minimums are:

  • For One Person – Bodily Injury $20,000
  • Two or More People – Bodily Injury $40,000
  • Property Damage – Each Accident – $10,000

If you are involved in an accident and caught without having the mandatory minimum liability insurance, your West Virginia Permit or License may be suspended.

Cell Phone, Text Messaging, and Drunk Driving Laws in West Virginia

As a teen licensed to drive in West Virginia, it is imperative that you learn all about the West Virginia laws regarding texting, cell phone use while driving, and drunk driving. As in most states, West Virginia is a ‘Zero Tolerance’ state in the case of underage drinking. If you happen to get convicted of a DWI or DUI while driving on a West Virginia driver’s license or permit, they will automatically be suspended.

Usually on your 1st DUI conviction in West Virginia (.08 BAC), you will be facing penalties like:

  • $100 to $500 in Fines
  • Suspension of Your West Virginia License For 15 Days
  • Up to 6 Months in Jail

With a BAC of .15 or above, the following could happen:

  • $100 to $1,000 in Fines
  • Suspension of Your West Virginia License For 45 Days
  • From 2 Days to 6 Month Jail Time

If there was a minor under age 16 in your vehicle at the time of arrest, these could happen:

  • $200 to $1,000 in Fines
  • 2 Days to 12 Months Jail Time
  • Possible Installation of Ignition Interlock System

Additional convictions lead to even harsher penalties like increased jail times, increased fines, more community service time, and suspension or even revocation of your West Virginia driver’s license.

At this time in West Virginia the use of cell phones while driving is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. (this includes hands-free devices)

West Virginia Online Drivers Education

West Virginia teen drivers are able to access additional information regarding approved West Virginia online drivers ed at the West Virginia Transportation website.