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Washington Online Driver Education and Licensing Procedures in Washington

Beginning the process of application for one’s Washington learner’s permit or initial driver’s license is an exciting step. The state uses a Graduated Program for teen drivers in the state. Keep a few things in mind and the process will proceed smoothly. Here is where you start.

Washington Instruction Permit (Learner’s Permit)

By enrolling in a state approved driver’s education course, students are allowed to apply for their Washington Instruction Permit at age 15, but they must apply for the permit within 10 days before the start of their class.

At age 15 and one-half, the student can also apply for the permit without enrollment. To apply, the student needs:

  • An application signed by the instructor in driving school (if applying at age 15)
  • Proof of identity and Washington Residency
  • Permit fee of $20
  • Completed Affidavit of Parental Authorization
  • Washington Driver Guide (study it for the written test)

When you feel you are ready, make an appointment with the local Driver License Office and take a parent or guardian to submit the application. You will be asked to take a vision test. Applicants not enrolled in an approved driver education class must pass the knowledge test. The Washington Instruction Permit is valid one year and can be renewed one time if needed.

You are ready to practice driving. You must have a licensed driver with at least five years experience, such as a parent, guardian or driving instructor when driving with the permit. All passengers are required to wear their seat belt. Be sure you have your permit with you whenever you are driving.

Six months after receiving the Washington Instruction Permit and after meeting a few more requirements, you qualify for the Washington Intermediate Driver License.

Intermediate Driver License or Provisional License

The following requirements apply to drivers applying for their Provisional License:

  • Had an Instruction Permit for 6 months
  • A minimum of 16-years-old
  • Completed an approved course in traffic safety (such as the Washington online drivers education course) with a passing grade
  • A minimum of 50 hours practice operating a vehicle with an approved driver
  • Completed at least 10 hours practice driving at night
  • Kept records of driving practice in the required logbook
  • Student and parents must read the Parent Guide to Teen Driving
  • Not have any traffic violations or convictions for drugs or alcohol.

At the driver’s license office you will need identification documents, a parent or guardian, your certificate for the traffic safety class and the Parental Affidavit. You will take the road test at this time. Passing applicants are awarded their Intermediate Driver’s License. However, they are still subject to restrictions.

Restrictions and Penalties for Teen Drivers

  • Each passenger and the vehicle driver must wear seat belts.
  • Teens may not transport passengers under age 20 for the first six months with the exception of family.
  • Teens may not transport more than 3 passengers under 20 other than family for the second six months.
  • Drivers must be accompanied by a driver 25 or older if driving between 1AM and 5AM.
  • No cell phones or hands free devices when driving

The first violation of the restrictions results in a warning letter. A second violation results in suspension of the license for 6 months or until the driver turns 18. The third violation results in a license suspension until the driver is 18. At 18, the restrictions are removed.

Financial Responsibility Laws

As a Washington driver, you must carry liability coverage. The minimum in the state is 25/50/10 insurance. Your permit or license could be suspended for driving without coverage.

Laws Regarding Alcohol, Cell Phones, and Texting

Teen drivers should know the state’s laws regarding use of alcohol, cell phones, or texting while driving. The state, like most, includes a Zero Tolerance Law for underage drivers. If you are caught your permit or license will be suspended.

The driver’s first conviction of a DUI with a blood alcohol count of 0.08 also includes these penalties:

  • 24 hours to 1 year in jail or 15 days electronic home monitoring
  • Fines of $865 to $5,000
  • 90 days suspension of license

If your BAC is greater than 0.15, the penalties are increased.

Subsequent DWI or DUI convictions carry increased fines, jail time, community service and license suspension or revocation.

The law prohibits any use of cell phones for teen drivers while operating a vehicle, even those that are hands-free.

Washington Online Drivers Education

Teen drivers enrolled in a Washington approved class can receive their learner’s permit just by enrolling. More information concerning Washington online drivers ed is available through the Washington DMV website.