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Vermont Online Drivers Ed and Licensing Procedures

Congratulations! You have begun the process to receive your Learner’s Permit or first driver’s license in Vermont. The state uses a Graduated Program for teen drivers, meaning you should keep a few things in mind as you apply for your first license.

Vermont Instruction Permit or Learner Permit

Residents can apply for their permit upon reaching age 15. To apply, bring the following:

  • Proof of state residency
  • Social Security Number
  • A parent or guardian to sign the application
  • State Driver Manual to prepare for written exam

When you are ready to take the test, you must schedule an appointment by phone or email. Arrive a few minutes before the appointment with a parent or guardian to submit the application. You are required to successfully complete a vision test and written test. If you pass, you have earned the permit. The next step is to practice with a driving instructor, parent, guardian or other licensed driver that is at least 25. Be sure you have your permit each time you drive.

After one year and completing the requirements, you take the next step in the graduated program, the Junior Operator’s License. This license allows you to operate a vehicle without another licensed driver in the vehicle under most circumstances and provides you additional freedom.

The Junior Operator’s License

After holding a Vermont Learner Permit for 1 year and being in good standing you can apply for the Junior Operator’s License. The following requirements must be met to qualify for this license:

  • Age 16-17
  • Had learner’s permit for a minimum of 1 year
  • Maintained clean Vermont driving record for past six months
  • 40 hours driving practice with supervising driver
  • Minimum of ten hours practice at night
  • Complete Practice Log Sheet with parent/guardian signature
  • Car for testing is insured and has a valid registration

In some instances you may take the driving test through a participating high school. You must have identifying documents in either case, including your permit. If you pass the test, you are awarded the Junior Operator’s License.

Junior Operator’s License Restrictions

While you have come far in your journey, once you earn the Junior Operator’s license:

  • You and your passengers must wear seat belts
  • You may not use the vehicle for a job during the first year you are licensed if under 18
  • You cannot use your car as a taxi or for hire
  • You are not allowed passengers unless accompanied with an approved licensed driver during the first three months.
  • You may transport family members during the second three months
  • Passenger restrictions end at six months

At age 18 you may apply for the Senior Operator’s License, ending the restrictions.

Financial Responsibility Laws for Drivers in Vermont

Once a teen receives his or her Vermont Provisional license, you have some new responsibilities. The laws of Vermont require all drivers to carry liability insurance. Drivers in accidents who do not have the mandatory liability coverage can have their permit or provisional license suspended as a result.

Vermont Alcohol Use, Cell Phone, and Texting Laws

As a teen driver who is a resident of Vermont, it is essential to know the Vermont laws regarding issues such as drunken driving, talking or otherwise using cellular devices or texting. As in most other locations in the USA, Vermont enforces a Zero Tolerance Law for teen drivers. If you are convicted of a DUS or DWI in the state of Vermont your Vermont Learner Permit or Junior Operator’s License is subject to suspension.

In general, the driver’s first conviction of a Vermont DUI will include the following penalties:

  • Up to two years in jail
  • Suspension of driving privilege for up to 90 days
  • Fine of $750
  • Surcharges for DUI up to $160

You may also be subject to drug and alcohol screenings, required to take part in treatment or education, and undergo assessment of your usage problems.

Drivers who receive subsequent DWI or DUI convictions in Vermont are subject to longer jail times, larger fines, community service, and suspension or even revocation of their Vermont driver’s license without further warning.

Vermont Online Driver’s Education

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