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Nebraska Online Drivers Education and Licensing Procedures

We congratulate you for your decision to apply for your first driver’s license or learner’s permit through Nebraska Online Drivers Education. Nebraska has a Graduated Driver License Program for teen drivers. Before applying for a driving license for the very first time, it is important to give careful consideration to several prerequisites to ensure that your application runs smoothly.

Nebraska Instructional Permit or Learner’s Permit

You can apply for a Learner’s Permit (LPE) once you attain the age of 14 years. You also need to undertake a vision screening. LPE School in Nebraska allows you to practice driving on condition that you are accompanied by a 21-year-old licensed driver.

Renewal of the permit is done after three months. Once you have used the Learner’s Permit for two months, you will have qualified to apply for a school permit. However, several requirements must also be met. First, you must be in possession of a Nebraska LPE for two months. In addition, you are required to successfully complete an approved driver safety course through Nebraska Online Drivers Ed. You must also pass a driving test and written exam. Other requirements include a 50-hour certification form filled by your parent — or guardian — and any other essential information.

Once you reach the age of 15 years, you can apply for the Nebraska Learner’s Permit. In any case, if you have already acquired a Nebraska School Permit and Nebraska School Learner’s Permit, you can forgo the written exams. Nebraska Learner’s Permit has a one-year validity period after which it can be renewed.

Despite having a valid Nebraska Learner’s Permit, you are still required to practice driving in the company of a licensed driver, driving instructor, parent or guardian who is over the age of 21 years. Always remember to carry with you the driving permit when on the road.

Nebraska Provisional Driver License and Full License

To successfully apply for a Nebraska Provisional Driver’s permit, you need to abide by the State requirements. You must have been a holder of a Nebraska learner’s permit for a minimum of six months without any incident. In addition, you must complete a Nebraska-approved driver safety course as well as pass a written and driver test issued by your instructor. Also, you need to provide a 50-hour certification form. Additionally, 10 of the 50 hours you have spent driving must have been during night.

Having fulfilled these requirements, proceed to your local Nebraska Driver Service Center and pay the requisite fee. While there, present your application form for Nebraska Provisional License. Unless you complete your driver safety course, you will be required to pass a road test to acquire your Nebraska Provisional License.

Restrictions and Penalties for Nebraska Teen Driver License

Using a Nebraska Provisional Driver’s permit is subject to several conditions. First, each passenger in the vehicle has to wear a seat belt. Next, unless you are faced with an emergency, on the job, or any other school-related activity, you are restricted from driving between midnight and 6 a.m. In addition, within the first six months you are only allowed to carry one passenger who is under the age of 19 years. An exception is when you are in the company of a licensed driver who is over the age 21 years. Also, you should not use your cell phone while driving.

Once you attain the age of 18, you are allowed to make an application for the Nebraska Operator License. However, you must also have used your Nebraska Provisional Operator Permit for a minimum of 12 months.

Auto Insurance and Financial Responsibility Laws in Nebraska

Nebraska has several auto insurance and financial responsibility laws. First, for any vehicle you register in Nebraska, make sure it is covered by liability insurance. The minimum liability insurance coverage is $25,000 for each person for one person per accident. Next, bodily injury for two or more individuals per accident is $50,000 while property damage is $25,000. Driving without Nebraska mandatory liability insurance could attract suspension of your license.

Drunk Driving, Cell Phone, and Text Messaging Laws in Nebraska

Nebraska prohibits underage drinking. In case you are convicted of Nebraska DWI and DUI, you may be jailed for seven to 60 days, face a fine of up to $500, have your license suspended for six months and undertake an Alcohol Assessment Program.

Subsequent DUI convictions may lead to increased jail terms, higher fines, more restrictive community service, and longer suspension period of your license or revocation.

Teen drivers in Nebraska are restricted from using cell phones while driving.

Nebraska Online Drivers Ed

All teen drivers in the state should undertake an approved program for driver safety. Visit the Nebraska DMV website for more information on Nebraska online drivers education courses.