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Michigan Licensing Procedures

Your first part of the process involves applying for a learner permit. This will be your first Michigan driver’s license, and as a teen you will progress through the Graduated Drivers License Program for teen drivers in Michigan. A few simple recommendations can ensure that your application is complete and that the process moves along smoothly.

Your Michigan Learner’s Permit

The learner permit is also referred to as the instructional permit. The following steps should be completed before you officially apply for your permit:

  • Satisfactory health and vision screening

Complete a driver’s training course that includes:

  • 24 hours of documented classroom instruction
  • Six hours of behind the wheel driving instruction
  • Four hours of driving observation time
  • Pass an approved written test

You will receive a certificate of completion once you have completed the previously mentioned steps, and you can take your certificate to a nearby Michigan Secretary of State office along with:

  • Your drivers education certificate
  • Personal information and required documents
  • A parent, guardian, or a designated licensed adult who has a letter of authorization from your guardian or parent.

You will receive a Michigan Level 1 learner license at this point. This will allow you to drive with another licensed driver who is at least 21-years-old. After you have had your learner permit for three months, you may be ready for the next step in the Graduated License program.

The Michigan Intermediate Driver License

You can apply for your intermediate driver license provided you:

  • Hold your Level 1 learner license for a minimum of three months
  • Complete two hours of supervised driving and thirty hours total of supervised driving time

You can begin Segment 2 of the Graduated Drivers License program once you have completed the previous steps. Segment 2 requires you to complete:

  • Six hours of classroom instruction
  • Two hours of maximum instruction each day
  • Fifty hours of documented supervised driving

Any traffic violations will result in a ninety day wait before you can apply.
You will receive a certificate after you complete the previous requirements, and this Segment 2 certificate is part of the documentation that you can take to a nearby Secretary of State office. Your guardian or parent will need to sign your Level II intermediate license application to verify that you have completed the fifty hours of required driving time. You can take your road test at this point, and you will earn an intermediate driver license if you pass. Passing your road test and getting your new license is a big step, but you will still be required to drive with some restrictions.

Teen Drivers License Penalties and Restrictions

You should remember the following restrictions when you are driving with a Michigan intermediate driver license:

  • No driving allowed between twelve midnight and five in the morning unless you are accompanied by a guardian or parent
  • There is an exception if you are driving to or from your place of employment

You can apply for a Michigan Level III driver’s license after you have had your Level II license for twelve months. The Level III license is unrestricted.

Financial Responsibility and Auto Insurance Laws in Michigan

Proper licensing is required in order to drive legally, and any vehicle that is registered in the state of Michigan must be covered by a minimum coverage amount of liability insurance:

  • Twenty thousand dollars per person to cover bodily injury
  • Forty thousand dollars for each accident to cover bodily injury
  • Ten thousand dollars to cover property damage

Your learner permit or junior operator license may be suspended and you may be fined if you are found driving without the mandatory Michigan liability insurance.

Michigan Cell Phone, Text Messaging, and Drunk Driving Laws

Michigan teen drivers should understand the serious nature and consequences of using cell phones, text messaging, and drinking as they relate to driving. A Michigan DUI conviction comes with these penalties:

  • A potential jail sentence of 93 days
  • A one hundred to five hundred dollar fine
  • A one thousand dollar Driver Responsibility that lasts for two years
  • A driver license suspension for up to six months
  • Six points on your driver’s license
  • Mandatory community service of up to 360 hours, vehicle immobilization, and ignition interlock

Further DUI convictions will lead to more jail time, fines, community service, license suspension or license revocation.

State law does not prohibit teens from using cell phones while they are driving, but Detroit requires hands-free devices for cell phone use while driving. The fine for violating this law is one hundred dollars.

Michigan Online Drivers Ed

Teen drivers in Michigan must enroll in driver education programs. You can find comprehensive listings of approved drivers education courses on the State website.