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Procedures for Maryland Online Drivers Education Licensing

Congrats on beginning the process of applying for Maryland’s leaner’s permit or the state’s first driver’s license. The state has a Graduated Driver’s License Program for teenage drivers. There are several things someone should bear in mind to ensure that the application for a driving license takes place as smoothly as possible. Below is the process.

Maryland Instructional Permit and Learner’s License

When applying for a learner’s permit, the minimum age required is 15 years and nine months. The applicant will have to set an appointment with the local MVA (Maryland Vehicle Administration) and bring with them the following:

  • A complete learner’s permit certification of school attendance for those who are under 16.
  • A permit application co-signed by a parent or guardian for those under 18.
  • Proof of residence and a valid identification.

The applicant must pass the required tests at his or her local Maryland MVA.

Congratulations for those who survived as they have just earned their first learner’s permit. They should however remember that with a Maryland leaner’s permit, they can only practice driving with a licensed driver holding a valid license for not less than 3 years. Validity of the learner’s permit is 2 years. When driving with the learner’s permit, one should bear in mind that using a cell phone is prohibited and violating this law results in a license suspension. Anyone who has had the learner permit for a period of nine months is ready for the Maryland Graduated Licensed Program’s next step.

Provisional Driver’s License

To apply for a Maryland’s Provisional Driver’s license, an individual needs to ensure that they follow a number of state requirements prior to heading down to the local MVA.

  • Hold a Maryland learner’s permit in good standing for not less than 9 months
  • Have a guardian or parent fill a Practice Skills Log
  • Practice not less than 60 hours of supervised driving
  • Practice 10 of the 60 hours at night
  • Complete a driver training course approved by the state
  • Be not older than 16 years and 6 months.

Anyone who has satisfied the above requirements can head down to the nearest Maryland MVA where they will take a road exam. Congrats for those who pass as they will earn a provisional driver’s license. However, they will still be required to drive with a number of restrictions until they have been in possession of the provisional driver’s license in good standing for 18 months. They will then be eligible for their unrestricted driver’s license as soon as they turn 18.

Restrictions and Penalties for Teen Driver License

There are a number of restrictions that a driver needs to bear in mind in regard to his or her provisional driver’s license:

  • No carrying passengers who are under 18 for 5 months, unless with proper driving supervision. An exception to this is when the passengers are family members.
  • No driving between midnight and 5am unless commuting to and from the workplace, a volunteer program, an activity sanctioned by the school or an athletic event in which the driver is participating in.

Congrats to a driver who drives for 180 days without an accident as he or she can now be issued with a full license.

Auto Insurance and Responsibility

Once someone gets their Maryland driver’s license, they may seem good to drive. However, any car registered in the state should be covered with liability insurance. Minimum coverage includes:

  • $20,000 for bodily harm per person
  • $40,000 for bodily harm per accident
  • $25,000 for damage to property

Anyone found driving without the mandatory liability insurance, a learner’s permit, or intermediate driver’s license can be fined and his or her license suspended. As a new driver in Maryland, it is important to learn the state’s cell phone, drunk driving and text-massaging laws. For one, the state has a zero tolerance law, thus anyone having a blood alcohol content of.02 and is under 18 will face fines as well as a suspension of their driver’s license.

Further DUI convictions will lead to an increased jail time, fines, community services, and a license suspension or even revocation. Maryland currently forbids teenage drivers holding an instruction license, learner’s license, or a provisional license from using a cell phone when driving.

For further information concerning Maryland online drivers ed, a person should feel free to visit the Maryland Vehicle Association site where he or she will find the full list.