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Welcome to – the most popular driver education course in California. If you’re between the ages of 15½ and 18, Driver Ed To Go makes getting your learner’s permit easy.*

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Our CA drivers ed course is 100% online and equips you with everything you need to earn your DMV learner’s permit. You’ll be guided through every step of the course and your newly learned knowledge will be reinforced at the end of each chapter with a short multiple-choice quiz. It all leads up to the final exam, but don’t worry, you have an unlimited number of attempts to pass.

What Do You Need to Get a California Learner’s Permit?

You do have to wait until you turn 16 before you can apply to get a first time driver’s license in California, but if you’re 15½, you can apply for a learner’s permit and then move on to your provisional license.

If you’re ready to get started, there are a few things you’ll have to take to the California DMV.

  • Personal Identification
  • DL44 Form Signed by Parents or Guardians
  • $31 Fee (Includes Fees for California Driver’s License and Permit)
  • Certificate of Completion (Form DL400C) From Approved Drivers Ed Course

The California DMV is also going to test your vision, and you’ll have to complete a written exam that covers traffic laws and road signs. If you pass these two tests, you’ll get your California learner’s permit. Now you’ll be able to practice driving as long as there is a licensed adult who is 25 years or older in the passenger seat.
You’ll also need to enroll in a driving school so that you can complete your behind-the-wheel training with an authorized driving instructor as required by the California DMV.

What Do You Need to Get a California Driver’s License?

After turning 16 and driving with your California learner’s permit for six months, you can now take the official DMV road test. There are still some requirements before you tackle this test, however.

  • You must have held your California learner’s permit for a minimum of six months.
  • You must have completed an approved drivers education course.
  • You must have complete six hours of driver training with a professional instructor.
  • You must have logged 50 hours of practice driving with an adult over the age of 25, and 10 of those hours must have been at night.

A parent or guardian must be with you if you’re 16 when taking your road test. If you successfully pass the test, you’ll receive a temporary California license (good for sixty days) before your official photo license comes in the mail. Failure to pass the driving test means that you have to wait at least two weeks before retaking it.

California Intermediate License Restrictions

There are plenty of restrictions that come along with having a California learner’s permit or provisional license.

Remember that if you just have your learner’s permit, a legal guardian over the age of 21 with at least one year driving experience must be with you at all times. They should always in the front passenger seat, and unless they are your sibling, you can’t have passengers under the age of 21.

For the first 12 months with your license, you’re forbidden to drive between the hours of 11pm and 5am, if you’re under the age of 18. You also shouldn’t be carrying passengers who are 20-years-old or younger.

There are exceptions to these rules, however.

  • Medical Emergencies
  • School Activities
  • Job Responsibilities
  • If You are Emancipated

For more info, the teen page at California DMW website might help.

Minimum California Auto Insurance Coverage & Penalties

Now that you have your California driver’s license, you’re ready to hit the road. There are still a few things to keep in mind, though. You’re vehicle must have liability insurance coverage. For person injury the minimum coverage is $15,000 and for property damage it’s $5,000. Being caught without appropriate coverage, you could get you up to $500 in fines. Get into an accident without coverage and you could have your license suspended altogether.

Cell Phone, Text Messaging, & Drunk Driving Laws in California

You should be aware of the penalties that come along with driving laws in California. For example, for your first California DUI conviction you could receive:

  • 96 Hours to 6 Months Behind Bars
  • $390 to $1000 in Fines
  • 6-Month License Suspension
  • Required DUI Classes
  • Ignition Interlock Device

That’s just for your first conviction. More convictions mean more jail time, fines, and the possibility of having your California license revoked.

Since September 2008, the state has had a ban on texting while driving. Fines can ranges from $20 your first time to $50 each time after that. Any device must be hands-free.

Is California Online Drivers Ed For You?

Check with the California DMV office in your area to find out more about approved online drivers ed classes.