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Arizona Licensing Procedures

We appreciate your efforts in taking time to apply for an Arizona driver’s license or instruction permit. Arizona has a driver license program for individuals aged between 15 and 18 years, but a few things need to be put into consideration to make the Arizona online drivers ed application process run smoothly.

Arizona Instruction Permit

Once you turn 16, you are eligible to apply for an Arizona driver’s license. If not, you can still apply for an instructional or learner’s permit through our Arizona online drivers education course. The permit is designed for those between the ages of 15 and 16 years. If you are above fifteen-and-a-half years, you need to submit several documents to the local Arizona MVD office, namely birth certificate, social security card, licensing fee of $7, and any two acceptable identification documents. It is also important that you pass a written exam and vision test.

Passing the tests will earn you an instructional permit that is valid for one year. You can use the permit to drive while accompanied by an Arizona-licensed driver who is above the age of 21. While you are driving, he should carry a class A, B, C or D license and should also sit in the passenger’s front seat.

Arizona Graduated Driver’s License

Individuals between the ages of 16 and 18 years who have held an instructional permit for at least six months need to surrender it and instead apply for a graduated license. This application includes a written test along with a road test. You must also carry a driver license fee of $25 and complete at least 20 practice driving hours. You should also have driven 10 additional hours of night driving. It is imperative that you bring an Arizona instructional permit, written test scores, social security card, and two pieces of identification.

The Arizona MVD website provides you with the required application forms for a provisional license and a schedule for the road test.

Arizona Teen Driver License Restrictions and Penalties

Several restrictions exist in regards to using an Arizona instructional permit or graduated driver’s license. In case you have an instructional permit, then it is a requirement that you must be in the company of a parent, legal guardian or person above the age of 21 while driving.

If you are above 16 years and possess a graduated driver’s license, several restrictions also exist. For the first six months, you are not allowed to drive a vehicle between 12pm and 5am unless you have a family emergency or when a parent or legal guardian is with you. Exceptions also exist when there is a religious or school sponsored event.
Driving with more than one passenger is also restricted. The only exception is when the passengers are your siblings or if a parent or a legal guardian holding a valid driver’s license accompanies you. However, after the six-month trial period, the restrictions will be lifted. It should be noted that once you turn 18, you have to apply for a class D driver’s license.

Arizona Auto Insurance and Financial Responsibility Laws

Any Arizona registered vehicle must be covered under liability insurance. For injury caused to a person, the minimum coverage is $15,000 while for two or more persons is $30,000. Property damage coverage is $10,000. In case you are found driving without Arizona mandatory liability insurance, you may be liable for a fine. Failure to provide any insurance proof after you are involved in an accident may bring suspension of your instruction permit or graduated license for 90 days, and in some extreme cases, up to one year.

Arizona Drunk Driving, Cell Phone and Text Messaging Laws

It is important to familiarize yourself with Arizona drunk driving, text messaging and cell phone laws. Violating the regulations may amount to at least a 10-day detention in addition to a fine of $1250 or more. In addition, an ignition interlock device may be installed in your vehicle. You may further be required to undergo alcohol screening, treatment, or education. In some cases, you may have to do community service. In March 2011, Arizona legislature contemplated enacting new laws to ban the use of cell phones or texting while driving.

Arizona Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training

Any applicant who is 16 years of age and wishes to apply for a graduated driver’s license through an Arizona online drivers education course must have successfully finished at least 30-hours of supervised driving practice. Ten hours of training at night should also have been conducted. Arizona MVD provides you with a list of approved driving schools in case you have considered taking behind-the-wheel-training from a certified driving instructor.