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Alabama Licensing Procedures And Alabama Online Drivers Education

Congratulations on initiating the process of applying for the Alabama learner’s permit you seek or for your first Alabama driver’s license. For Alabama drivers aged 15-18, Alabama offers a graduated driver license program, and there are a number of things to be kept in mind to make certain applying for one’s Alabama driving license goes as smoothly as possible. With that said, let us begin.

Alabama Learning Permit

One may apply when they are 15 for an Alabama restricted learner’s permit although they will have to wait until they reach 16 to apply for their first Alabama driver’s license. The following will be needed from:

  • Birth certificate
  • Documentation of school enrollment or graduation
  • Social security card
  • A testing fee of $5 and a license fee of %23
  • If you are in fact 16, you will require two types of identification including one with a picture ID.

When you successfully pass the written examination (all necessary information contained in the Alabama driver’s manual), you will receive a “D” Alabama driver’s license. This Alabama license will contain a “Y” restriction. This means you will need to have a person 21 years of age or older in the seat next to you as you are learning how to drive. When you turn 16, however, you may utilize your Alabama learner’s permit to drive along with any Alabama licensed driver as long as they are sitting right next to you. Please remain aware an Alabama restricted learner’s license remains valid for as long as 4 years but may only be renewed one time.

Alabama Teen Driver License

Once you have turned 18 or if it’s been at least 6 months since you’ve had your Alabama’s learner’s license, you are required to surrender your Alabama learner’s license and take the road test. All 16- year-old applicants are required to be accompanied by either a parent or by a guardian when they take the Alabama driver’s license road test. It is important you remember that you have to complete a minimum of 30 driving hours (signed by a certified driving instructor, parent or legal guardian) or an Alabama driver education course properly approved prior to taking the test. The form required can be found at the Alabama Department of Public Safety, and your road test may be scheduled at the website of the Alabama Department of Motor Safety.

You must furnish your own vehicle for the Alabama road test. Prior to the test your car will be checked by an examiner to ensure it is in safe operating condition and contains the equipment required. In the course of the test, you will be required to make left and right turns, properly signal, use traffic lanes marked and unmarked, back up, execute a quick stop, park the vehicle, and also successfully complete the dreaded three point turn.

Alabama Teen Driver License Penalties And Restrictions

There are a number of restrictions you must keep in mind regarding your Alabama driver’s license or Alabama learner’s license.

If you possess your Alabama learner’s permit, you are required to be accompanied by a parent, a legal guardian, or someone 21 or older. It is in the front passenger seat that the person supervising you must sit. Also, you may not drive with any more than four people in the vehicle and this includes yourself while you are driving with an Alabama learner’s license.

If in fact you are either 16 years of age or 17 with your license for fewer than six months, you are not permitted to operate a vehicle between the hours of midnight and 6AM unless you:

  • Are accompanied by either a parent or legal guardian
  • Have someone with you 21 or older who has received your parent’s consent to accompany you
  • Are driving either from or to the place you work or a religious or school sponsored event.
  • Are driving because of a fire, medical, or law enforcement emergency.

Also, you are not permitted to have in the vehicle more than four people excluding your legal guardian or parent. In the event you are convicted of any of the violations above your Alabama driver’s license or your Alabama learner’s permit will be fined accordingly. Should you be convicted of a second moving violation you will be subjected to a 60 day suspension of your Alabama license.

Alabama Cell Phone, Drunk Driving and Text Messaging Laws

As a new Alabama driver, it is vital that you familiarize yourself with the Alabama cell phone, drunk driving and text messaging regulations and laws. Upon your initial conviction of an Alabama DUI you will be facing:

  • Up to 1 year imprisonment
  • A fine of anywhere from $600-2100
  • License suspension for up to 90 days

Additional Alabama DUI convictions will have the result of increased jail time, fines, community service obligations and Alabama license suspension or revocation.
At this time no Alabama laws are in place prohibiting driving while talking on cell phones or texting.

Alabama Financial Responsibility Alabama Auto Insurance Laws

Any and all vehicles that are registered in Alabama are required to be covered by liability insurance. That coverage must be set at a minimum of $20,000 for personal injury coverage and $40,000 for two or more persons plus $10,000 for property damage. Should you be discovered driving without Alabama liability insurance, which is mandatory, you might be fined as much as $500 plus costs for the court.

Alabama Online Driver Education

Any and all 16-year-old applicants that want to apply for an Alabama driver’s license is required to have completed a minimum of 30 driving hours (signed by a certified driving instructor, parent or guardian) or an Alabama online drivers ed course. A list of Alabama approved online driver education courses may be found at the Alabama Dept. of Public Safety. Should you be required to attend an Alabama driver ed classroom, you will find additional information and data on the website for the Alabama Department of Public Safety.